Paul Maimon Arrested Again: Slashes Neighbor?

Sandalfoot Cove resident Paul Maimon (26) returns to our pages, this time accused of “aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.” The arrest was Tuesday. Per the Sun-Sentinel his neighbor and alleged victim reportedly suffered two long slash marks, from 11-15 inches long, after Maimon stabbed him with a key. We’re not sure that meets the standard for a deadly weapon.
Update: We received a “tweet” indicating that the weapon used was a razor from a box-cutter, rather than a key, requiring 100 staples in a 3-hour surgery.
Maimon was in West Boca News in March for aggravated assault against his father. That charge was reduced to a misdemeanor and is pending on a “plea and pass” agreement which might lead to the charge being dropped. The new charge may abort that sweetheart deal. Mr. Maimon also had a battery charge in 2012 that was dropped through a pre-trial intervention program.
Some residents may wonder how many chances a violent criminal should get. It seems odd to us that he would be able to get a “plea and pass” agreement on the 2014 felony after already getting off another violent incident.
Mr. Maimon remains in custody at this writing.

Author: Warren Redlich

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