Review: Four Seasons in Lakeside Centre

Maybe it’s a bad idea to review a lesser restaurant after going to a great one the night before.
Sunday four of us went to the new Four Seasons in Lakeside Centre, on the south side of Glades Road just west of Boca Rio and the Turnpike. The menu focuses on a prix fixe three course meal for about $25. There’s an early bird option at $22 if you order before 6 pm and pay cash. We arrived at 6 and the place was more than half-full with an older crowd.
It feels small inside but not crowded overall. When you walk in the front door you’re practically on top of the first table. It also seemed a bit noisy due to the acoustics.
For the first course we had the split pea soup (not pictured) and the Caesar Salad.
For entrees the author had a seafood linguine dish with white sauce (oil and garlic). It was a lot of food.
One companion had the Chicken Parmesan.
Another had the Tilapia.
For desserts we had chocolate cake and cheesecake.
The food mostly photographed well. It’s a pretty good deal considering the amount of food you get for the price. However it’s not for foodies or anyone who just ate at a place that costs twice as much.

Author: Warren Redlich

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