Mizner Trail Going Ahead with 250+ Homes

In January of last year we reported on a proposal to add 288 new housing units in Boca Del Mar, replacing an old golf course. That proposal, now whittled down to 252 homes, appears set to be built in the near future.

Site Plan for Mizner Trail. This version still shows the old 288-home layout.
Site Plan for Mizner Trail. This version still shows the old 288-home layout.

The Sun-Sentinel reports that the last opposition to the new development will not appeal any further.
In our review of various documents we can’t find a solid number of actual units that will be built, nor clear indications as to what will be built. The Mizner Trail website claims it will be:

252 luxury units are proposed, 115 patio homes and 137 townhomes. Units will range from 2300 square feet to over 3500 square feet with prices ranging from approximately $425,000 to $695,000 or more.

We’re not even sure what a patio home is, and the same website has a site plan showing 288 homes rather than just 252. We’ve seen other numbers including 255 and 253. So it’s not fully settled yet. The Sun-Sentinel did note that some hurdles remain with permitting so it may get worn down a bit more in the bureaucratic grinder.
The area in question lies between West Camino Real and SW 18th, to the west of Military Trail:

The full site plan pdf is below:
[gview file=”https://westbocanews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/2013-10-14_FINAL.pdf”]

Author: Warren Redlich

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