Mystery in Mission Bay

A reader update on this story:

I heard from one of the neighbors that it started off as a drug bust. There were over eight sheriffs cars and blocked the street off from both ends. Then the guy got out of the house and the sheriffs chased him down outside the street. The whole thing went on for hour from 2 pm and they were still there at 9 pm. I saw them at 7.30pm.

Readers contacted us yesterday about an incident in the Mission Bay neighborhood. There were several PBSO vehicles and it appeared that at least two people were arrested. We have no tips regarding the woman pictured above, but readers tell us the man in the pictures is James “Jimmy” Leclerc.
We have been unable to confirm that Mr. Leclerc is involved, nor what the incident was about. Readers told us that it was a drug bust and/or that there was some kind of gun involved. We contacted the Sheriff and have gotten no answers. No arrests matching this incident have shown up in the blotter. Nor do we see any new cases in Broward or in federal court.

ID Photo
James Leclerc

Mr. Leclerc does have a substantial history in the courts, including a fairly recent three year state prison sentence related to several charges including felony battery incidents in 2011 and 2013. He was released in January of this year. The address listed for him in that record doesn’t exist but it’s on La Salina Circle where this incident occurred.
Map showing Diego and Glades, and La Salinas Circle in Mission Bay; map data by Google
Map showing Diego and Glades, and La Salinas Circle in Mission Bay; map data by Google

Mr. Leclerc does have a recent case in Broward, arrested last week for a felony driving with a suspended license – habitual. Despite having just been released from prison only a few months earlier he was released after that arrest on only $750 bond. Keep in mind that he may still be on probation in Broward.
At around the same time there was an accident reported to us nearby on Glades at Diego. The pictures we got were blurry.
When we asked PBSO about that they described it as a hit-and-run that was under investigation. It’s unclear if this is related to the incident on La Salinas Circle.
If any of our readers have more information about this incident, please let us know. You can comment on this article, our Facebook page, or e-mail [email protected].

Author: Warren Redlich

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