Now Open: Lime Fresh in Shadowood.

There are two new restaurants up and running in West Boca. First up, as we reported last year the new Lime Fresh Mexican Grill has finally opened in Shadowood, next to Sybarite Pig. Back in 2012 we reviewed the Lime Fresh in Promenade and we liked it.
We like the new one too. We’ll start with the interior and more importantly, the exterior. They have a large outdoor seating area that is covered and should be particularly nice once the heat of summer has passed.
Inside it has a similar color scheme and seating as the one in Promenade.
A bit like Tijuana Flats in Mission Bay, there is a sauce bar but it’s noticeably different. There are fewer choices but it’s not just sauces. We especially like the bean thing, and the fresh cilantro is another nice option. Warning: The habanero sauce is very hot.
We only tried a couple dishes. First up was the steak and cheese taco.
Next we tried the steak “Nudie Burrito”, which is basically the inside of a burrito without the tortilla, similar to the Norrito Bowl at Tijuana Flats.
Overall we like Lime Fresh. You might get more food for your money at Tijuana Flats. But you get enough at Lime Fresh. Quantity isn’t everything and we like the quality of the meat at Lime Fresh just a little better. That could be a matter of taste. Chipotle is also nearby and has its fans as well.
Lime Fresh prides themselves on getting the food out fast and they delivered on that. The service is very quick. Overall West Boca is lucky to have three good Mexican options at Glades and 441.

Author: Warren Redlich

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