Warranty Issues at Frameless Shower Doors

Update: The company came and fixed our shower door at no charge. The workers were pleasant and careful. They cleaned up after themselves and were even good with the dog. The problem was a bent lower hinge. They replaced both hinges even though the upper one did not appear to be damaged.
So far the company has not changed the warranty language on their website. We have encouraged them to do so and will update this article if and when they let us know that it has been done.
Before they came we had spoken with a customer service representative and a manager (twice) who both insisted that there was an $85 labor charge. The manager even read the warranty language with us over the phone and still wouldn’t budge. It was only after they became aware of our complaint on Angie’s List and/or this article that they agreed to waive the charge.
With all that said, the shower door looked good new and still looks good now. The price was very reasonable. They’re a good company and we would recommend them to others, but with a caveat that their warranty is not what it seems.
We had a bad experience this morning with “Frameless Shower Doors & Enclosures, Inc.” and we’d like to warn consumers about it. The company is based in Coral Springs.

Back in 2011 we bought a frameless shower door from them. It looks good and has been fine for the past 3+ years. But in the last few weeks we’ve noticed a popping noise.
We found the invoice and called for service. While calling we noticed their website’s installation page describes a lifetime warranty with service free of charge:

All of our installations (South Florida residents) are backed by a free lifetime warranty.* If your custom frameless shower door and/or enclosure ever leaks, squeaks, or if your hardware tarnishes or comes loose, simply call our office and we will send a crew out to your home to address your concerns and if need be, replace your hardware free of charge.
We are so confident in our work and our product that we can offer this guarantee for the lifetime of your enclosure, free of charge.

So you can imagine our surprise when we were told there would be a labor charge of $85 for them to come out and check the problem. The customer service rep told us that her manager said the “free of charge” applies only to hardware. She offered to let me speak to the manager. After a few minutes on hold she came back on to say that the manager was no longer available but I could call back.
There is an asterisk next to “free lifetime warranty” but there’s no asterisk at the bottom of the page, nor anywhere else, that explains what the asterisk is for. And there is no asterisk anywhere near the words “free of charge.”
We read the above text to the customer service rep and she did not accept the language from their own website, deferring instead to her unavailable manager.
Is this merely a customer service fail, or fraud by the company? Should we switch to a company like GlassShowerDirect.com? Please let us know what you think in the comments, either on the website or on our Facebook page.

Author: Warren Redlich

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