Guest Review: Bruce's of Great Neck

Written by: Jason Gloss
Bruce’s of Great Neck, 19575 State Rd 7 (US-441), Boca Raton, FL 33498
Prior to Bruce’s of Great Neck was Mitch’s Westside Bagels, which was basically owned by a New York transplant attempting to bring that NY deli style tradition to South Florida, or as I like to call Boca — the 6th borough.
Mitch’s had a spark for a minute but overall lacked consistency, variety and in this case, character. Bruce comes to Boca, as do most New Yorkers and brings credibility back to the bagel game. This place, like most bagel joints have what I call bagel hours. They usually open at 7 and close at 3, which is a shame because based on their diverse menu I could see this place doing a decent dinner too. What separates Bruce’s from most of the other bagel places in the area is the bakery. The baked goods are the headliner at Bruce’s. They even place a complimentary basket of desserts at your table, which are awesome, but in my back of my mind I wonder what they do with all the untouched desserts left on the table. It’s simply too good to just toss but I can’t confirm they are recycled. It’s just how my cynical mind works.
The service was extremely attentive. If you ask me, service is the most important thing in these type of places because there are just an abundance of restaurants to get a bagel from. The food came out quick. I ordered a veggie omelet and it was a decent size too. Their prices are right in line and their broad menu is significantly more appealing that the rest of the competition. The place is very clean inside. Bruce, who I’m not sure if he is Jewish because he has tattoos like Popeye all up and down his arms, makes some amazing Jewish food. And not for nothing, seems like a really sincere and friendly guy too. Bruce’s might be a challenge if you’re counting calories because that bakery showcase is begging for some love. It’s impossible not to indulge here, but if you’re playing it safe, the omelets here are very satisfying. I look forward to coming back and despite some of my other go-to spots like Long Island Bagel or Bagel Works on Glades, I happen to think if you want that authentic NY feel along with an array of breakfast and lunch options, then Bruce’s is not only the right call, it might be the only call in Boca.
Rating: A

Editor’s note: Mr. Gloss offered to write some restaurant reviews for West Boca News. We’re familiar with him and hope these reviews help our readers. Please note that these are his opinions and we do not always agree.
Bruce’s is on the north end of the Boca Greens plaza.

Author: Warren Redlich

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