Century Village Homes Sold 2017: $30K – $270K

370 Century Village units sold in 2017* with prices ranging from $30,000 up to $270,000. The average price was just under $76,000. The average transaction took place after the unit was on the market for just over 2 months.
There is a stark difference with units in the 4-story buildings averaging close to $100K and units in the 3-floor buildings averaging $55K.
4-Story Buildings
In the 4-story buildings 10 units sold for $50K or less, mostly one-bedroom models with 750 square feet. At the upper end 7 units sold for over $200K, all 2-bedroom, 2-bath models with over 1000 square feet. The highest price was $270K for 3015 Wolverton A which is a particularly large unit with nearly 1400 square feet.
Pricing at the high end seems to be driven by location, with Ainslie, Wolverton and Yarmouth dominating the list of $150K+ deals (25 of them). Those three sections are particularly close to the clubhouse and synagogues, which allows residents to walk. At the same time some of the cheapest units in the 4-floor buildings were one-bedroom models in Ainslie D.
3-Story Buildings
In the 3-story buildings there were six units that sold for over $100K, all 2-bedroom 1 1/2 bath models with 835 square feet. 103 Brighton C was the highest at $118,000.
92 of the units in 3-stories sold for $50K or less. 28 sold for $40K or less with 26 of those being 1-bedroom models. The cheapest was 204 Brighton E at $30,700. The 1-bedroom 1-bath model has only 600 square feet.
Century Village Boca also has a busy rental market and there were 262 rental transactions reported on the MLS. Prices ranged from a low of around $700/month for annual leases up to $2500/month for some seasonal rentals.
* This report is from December 26th. Considering the volume it is likely there will be at least a few more transactions before the end of the year.

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