Crime Report: Road Mayhem, Drugs, Fugitives

In this week’s report we’ve got mayhem on the roads, drugs galore, fugitives and plenty more. And this is rare – Not a single DUI this week.

Steven Romano was arrested on a fugitive warrant from New Jersey. Romano’s reported address is in the Camino Gardens section of East Boca. He is not listed as the owner.

Also arrested on an out-of-state warrant was East Boca’s Nick Amatrone. This appears to arise out of a long-running California insurance fraud investigation of the Amatrone family. Nick and Robert Amatrone sued investigators back in 2015 over a search of their home. They lost that suit.

Nick purports to be an attorney on his Facebook page, but is not listed as one by the bar associations of Florida or California.

One other warrant case popped up. David Shumway from Watergate Estates (the trailer park in West Sandalfoot) was arrested for a probation violation from a grand theft conviction in Broward.

He reportedly refused a drug test. Shumway has had several cases in Palm Beach County including a 2009 cocaine felony arrest and most recently a driving while suspend charge from 2015 that took 3 years to resolve.

Minh McClure, Pedro Siqueira, and Na Quarius McKoy

FHP arrested Minh McClure (45, East Boca) on I-95 after he left the scene of an accident at the northbound Glades Road ramp. McClure was also charged with driving with a revoked or suspended license as a habitual offender. We see five similar driving while suspended cases for him in Palm Beach courts dating back as far as 2000.

Pedro Siqueira (18) of Country Park (off SW 18th west of the Turnpike) was arrested for felony reckless driving causing serious injury. The Spanish River High student was involved in a crash on Jog Road near the St. Andrews School on May 18th of last year.

According to Boca PD’s thorough investigation, Siqueira’s car hit a tree and a passenger was ejected from the car through the rear windshield. The passenger then flew about 30 feet into the air before hitting a moving car.

Eyewitnesses said that Siqueira’s was driving at a high rate of speed, as fast as 80 mph, swerving between vehicles, when he lost control.

Boca PD submitted their report to State Attorney Aronberg’s office in early October of 2018. It is unclear why they waited until May of 2019 to file the case against Siqueira.

Southwind Lakes resident Na Quarius McKoy (18) was arrested by PBSO for resisting without violence. Deputies responded to a robbery at J M Cleaners at Kimberly and Lyons.

Apparently McKoy had some choice words for the deputies. While the report indicates McKoy matched the video of one of the robbers, so far we do not seek a robbery charge filed against him.

This one goes in the “how does he keep getting out” category. Dareese Gutierrez has been in three crime reports this year already, including a violent felony robbery, a release violation from an earlier offense, and a felony for fleeing from police. That doesn’t count the two felony arrests last year, and a non-criminal cyberstalking case from February.

How does this menace keep getting out on bail?

In his latest adventure Gutierrez was arrested for burglarizing a home in East Boca not far from his own residence. He allegedly stole a pressure cleaner from a garage. A neighbor’s surveillance video captured some of the incident and multiple individuals familiar with Gutierrez identified him from the video without knowing what it was about.

Don’t worry folks. He’ll probably be out soon and coming to your neighborhood.

Top: Dorde Petrovic, Mark Michaelson, Mitchell Pagerey
Bottom: Gabriel Molina-Rodriguez, Nicolas Locigno, and Nicolas Mondesir

Lynn University student Dorde Petrovic (22) was arrested after and end of semester room inspection by staff led to police search. He was charged with possession of Adderall, marijuana and paraphernalia. We’re all so much safer now.

46-year-old Mark Michaelson of East Boca was arrested in East Delray after a traffic stop led to the police finding crack cocaine and paraphernalia. We see a DUI arrest from 2017 and several traffic tickets in his past.

Mitchell Pagerey (48) of southeast Boca was yelling at a house and causing damage to the house with a baseball bat, apparently yelling that the homeowner owed him money. He then drove away in his Range Rover.

It turns out that the home was previously owned by his ex-wife, who sold it and moved out of state in February. After the arrest for criminal mischief, police found small amounts of heroin and cocaine on him.

Pagerey had a domestic battery arrest in 2015, and several traffic infractions over the years.

Another youth arrest, this time Gabriel Molina-Rodriguez of Arbor Oaks (north of West Boca Medical Center). The 18-year-old was reported to police by a Crate & Barrel employee at Town Center for behaving in a suspicious manner. Police tracked him down and say they asked if he had anything illegal on him. He admitted to possessing hash oil and pipes after police did not find anything on a patdown search.

Pro tip: You have the right to remain silent. Use it.

We see no prior history for him.

Nicolas Locigno (26) of The Fairways in Boca Del Mar was arrested after being found passed out in his car in the Valero gas station on Palmetto east of I-95 around 4 pm. He did not respond to attempts to wake him so Boca PD broke the passenger side window, upon which he woke up.

Medical personnel cleared him and Boca PD then asked for permission to search the car. Locigno consented.

Pro tip: Never consent to searches.

The search revealed Adderall pills, cocaine and a substance that could be heroin or fentanyl but was not tested yet. Locigno had a drug felony arrest and a separate misdemeanor battery arrest in 2018 with several traffic cases dating back to 2012.

Nicolas Mondesir (19) was stopped for failing to maintain his lane on Dixie Highway. Police then smelled marijuana in the car so he was charged with misdemeanor possession, and we’re all so much safer now.

Brandy Ann Smith (44) of Watergate Estates was arrested for hitting her boyfriend’s daughter in the face. She failed to comply with the terms of her release and the court file shows an active warrant for her arrest. We see multiple suspended driving arrests in her past, another example of county prosecutors failing to charge her for the felony as a repeat offender.

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