Sexual Assault on a Minor: Crime Report May 24

Renaud Jerome

Renaud Jerome (70) of Dixie Highway was arrested Friday on three counts of sexual activity with a child and one count of impregnating a child. Some documents have not been uploaded to the court file yet so we don’t have much detail yet.

Update: We do have the court documents now. The girl was 13 years old.

We do see that the court ordered a Creole intepreter which suggests Mr. Jerome might be Haitian. Also the blotter indicates one sexual assault charge with a victim under age 18 but older than 12. The court file shows the four counts mentioned above. Both reference the same statute which says:

Without regard to the willingness or consent of the victim, which is not a defense to prosecution under this subsection, a person who is in a position of familial or custodial authority to a person less than 18 years of age and who: …

Engages in any act with that person while the person is 12 years of age or older but younger than 18 years of age which constitutes sexual battery under paragraph (1)(h) commits a felony of the first degree, punishable by a term of years not exceeding life …

Florida Statute 794.011 (8)(B)

Paragraph (1)(h) says:

“Sexual battery” means oral, anal, or vaginal penetration by, or union with, the sexual organ of another or the anal or vaginal penetration of another by any other object

We see no prior history for Mr. Jerome.

Emre Atici, Gregory McKnight and Nicholas Hurst

Emre Atici (21) was also arreseted on Friday. He faces charges for possession of marijuana (misdemeanor) and Adderall (felony). Again the affidavit is not in the court records so we don’t have full information yet.

Atici had another felony drug arrest in 2017 and it was reduced to misdemeanors. The name appears to be Turkish. His reported address is in East Boca.

Gregory McKnight (29) was arrested by PBSO for felony marijuana possession. Although he was arrested on Wednesday we don’t see documents in his court file yet. McKnight lives on Palmetto Circle. He has a couple of minor offenses in his past.

Nicholas Ryan Hurst (24) of Boca Winds was arrested for selling heroin within 1000 feet of a school. The incident occurred on February 7, 2018, but the charge was only filed in May of 2019. PBSO’s Narcotics Division was investigating a black male, Steve “Ace” Charles (22) from Sandalfoot Cove.

During the course of their investigation an undercover agent communicated with Ace to arrange to buy $100 of heroin. The communications led to a meeting at the Mobil gas station on the west side of 441 at SW 18th. Hurst showed up in his own car and sold 6 capsules of heroin to the agent.

The agent later determined that the gas station is about 500 feet south of Academic High School, which is not a traditional high school and is located in a commercial building. But apparently it qualifies under the statute.

Hurst was arrested Friday morning and released on bond Saturday evening. He also faces charges for illegal use of a 2-way communications device and driving while suspended.

James Van Dyke, Anthony Galamidi, Angelica Rico and Adrienne Marlow

The Watergate Estates trailer park appears yet again in our reports with James Van Dyke and Anthony Galamidi.

Van Dyke (58) was arrested this past week for dealing in stolen property and providing false information to a pawn shop related to an incident in mid-February. This is another case where the details are not in the court system yet.

Van Dyke has had a few cases in Palm Beach courts and also had his share in Broward, all mostly minor offenses. This newest arrest is charged as a felony.

Anthony Galimidi (21) was arrested on a “conditional release violation” for failing to show up to an appointment with the drug court program. He was on release as part of a drug court deal on a 2018 felony drug possession charge. He also has two pending felony drug cases for sale of marijuana near a church. We covered that back in February.

Sandalfoot Cove’s Angelica Rico (27) was arrested by FHP on the Turnpike near the Boynton Beach toll plaza for DUI. She was pulled over for going 91 in a 65. The proceedings after that were unusual. She asked to go to the bathroom and the trooper took her to the toll plaza. After that she became “combative” banging her head against doors and windows.

This misbehavior may have served her well as the trooper and deputies were unable to even ask her to do a breath test. It was marked as a refusal, but if they never asked then it probably wasn’t.

We see no significant history for Ms. Rico.

Adrienne Marlowe (59) of the new 101 Via Mizner building (Federal Highway at SE Mizner Blvd) was arrested for DUI by Boca PD. Marlowe had crashed her 2017 Maserati into another vehicle. A Boca PD officer smelled alcohol on her breath and after following normal procedures arrested her. At the station she registered a 0.25 or above on multiple breath tests. There is some indication the breath test machine was not working properly (purge fail and some significant variation in results) so she may have a defense to that.

We see no prior history for this owner of a property management company.

Allan Querubino, Humberto Carbia, Thomas Lovell, Charles French and Francoeur Charles

Allan Querubino of the Alister Apartments, Humberto Carbia of Boca Pointe, and Thomas Lovell were all arrested on warrants for offenses in other places.

Querubino’s arrest indicates an out-of-county warrant. We didn’t find anything in Florida but we did find an incident that appears to be him.

Carbia has a felony grand theft case pending in Broward though we don’t see any active warrant for him on that case.

Lovell, an East Boca man, appears to have been arrested on an active warrant in Broward for heroin possession.

East Boca’s Charles French (56) was arrested in Delray for petit larceny. His past record shows a couple of felonies 10-12 years ago.

Francoeur Charles (41) was arrested for trespassing. He was Baker Acted in 2018 and had a driving with no license charge in 2016.

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