Real Estate Update for 33428 in Mid-2019

This is Warren’s update on the various communities in zip code 33428.

Boca Falls: Sales volume is up with 22 homes sold in the first half of the year. The average sale was a 4 1/2 bedroom home with 3000 square feet selling for $574,000 in 3 1/2 months. Inventory is also up with 14 homes currently on the market.

Some homes closed at fairly high prices with the 4000 square foot 5-bedroom at 21288 Rock Ridge Drive in The Estates selling for $755,000 at the top. It doesn’t even have a lake view. Nearby 21206 Falls Ridge Way sold for $750,000 with 5100 square feet.

21206 Falls Ridge Way in The Estates sold for $750,000. Image by Google.

Five homes sold in the $600K range and nine more sold in the $500Ks.

Current listings include three smaller homes (2000 – 2300 sq.ft.) listed under $500,000 and four larger homes (3500 – 3900 sq.ft.) listed over $700,000. The biggest, in Crystal Pointe, is also the priciest at $825,000.

Boca Winds: Inventory remains low in Boca Winds with only 9 homes currently on the market, less than 1% of homes in the community. That makes it a seller’s market.

As always the lowest prices are in Ashley Park with two homes listed near $365,000. Three homes in Regency Place are listed just below $400,000. The highest list price at the moment is $493,000.

Sales volume remains strong in Boca Winds with 28 homes sold in 2019 so far, similar in pace to the 55 sold for all of 2018. The average transaction was a 4 bedroom with 2300 square feet selling for $438,000 in 3 months. That last bit might reflect that some homes in Boca Winds are taking longer to find the right buyer. The average was driven up by a few homes that took several months.

One outlier home sold for $295,000, but everything else sold for over $350,000. Oddly the lowest prices were in Regency Place instead of Ashley Park. The lowest one and two others near $360,000, all about 1600 square feet, were in Regency Place.

12698 Little Palm Lane sold for $650,000.

The high end was a 3250 square foot house on Little Palm Lane that netted $650,000. One house in Collington Estates sold for over $500,000. A total of 19 homes sold between $400K and $500K.

Loggers’ Run: Loggers’ Run has 16 single family homes listed for sale with a wide range of prices at the moment. Timberwalk has 5 villas mostly listed close to $250,000.

At the high end of the active listings Tamarron has a 2600 square foot house listed at $925,000. That seems optimistic but we’ve been wrong before. It does have a one acre lot.

The rest of the single family listings are priced between $370,000 and $680,000.

There were 26 transactions of single family homes this year so far. Four sales were in Island Lakes ranging from $470,000 to $512,000. Closing prices in the Country Landings subdivisions ranged from $326,000 up to $380,000.

The highest prices were in the Winding Lakes subdivisions along with two deals in Ponderosa on the county line canal. At the top were two Winding Lakes homes at $675,000 and $650,000, both four bedrooms with 3000 square feet.

Timberwalk saw 13 townhomes and villas sell between $240,000 and 280,000. Of those 11 were 1500 square feet or less.

Mission Bay: There were 35 sales in Mission Bay in the first half of 2019, 31 of them single family homes. For townhomes two 1800 sq.ft. models sold in Las Flores for $295,000 each. Two more sold in Reflections over $300,000.

Of the single family homes, six of them sold in the upper 300s spread across Ventura, Regatta, Harbour Springs and La Costa. Seven more sold from $400,000 to $415,000 including one in The Isle.

The highest prices exceeded $600,000. The 3700 square foot 5-bedroom at 20456 San Rafael Court in The Isles was purchased for $678,500. Two 2800 sq.ft. homes in Cordova Estates sold for $610,000 and $586,000.

One home in Sonata broke the $500K barrier selling for $502,000 with 2500 square feet and a lake view.

Regatta had the most activity with 7 deals from $370,000 to $495,000. Ventura had 6 sales from $356,000 up to $467,000. There were no transactions at all in Laguna in 2019 so far.

Boca Woods: 21 homes sold in Boca Woods with five going over $370,000, two of them over $400K. On the other hand thirteen sold for less than $175,000, four of them under $100K.

There are 34 homes listed with prices as high as $600,000.

Palma Vista: Five homes sold in Palma Vista, near West Boca Medical Center, with prices from $450,000 up to $1.1 million (a 6000 square foot 6-bedroom house). There are currently no homes listed.

Avalon: Three homes sold in Avalon (behind Lowe’s), all between $500,000 and $600,000. One home is listed there now, a 5-bedroom with 3000 square feet, on the market at $565,000.

Palmetto Pines: Ten homes sold in Palmetto Pines from $285,000 up to $360,000. There are currently six homes listed for sale, with the lowest at $317,000.

Boca Springs: Three homes sold in Boca Springs, all with four bedrooms, from $370,000 to $412,000. Two homes are on the market now, priced at $380,000 and $412,000.

Meadow Lakes saw five transactions this year starting at $308,000 for a 3-bedroom under 1500 square feet. A 2000 square foot 4-bedroom netted $380,000, and a much larger 2700 square foot 5-bedroom sold for $430,000.

There’s a lot of inventory right now in Meadow Lakes with 8 homes listed as low as $330,000.

There were 8 sales in Lexington Estates since the beginning of 2019 starting at $408,000. Four others sold for $450,000 or less, while three homes sold for over $500,000. The biggest price was $540,000 for a 6-bedroom with 3300 square feet.

Active listings include three large homes starting at $575,000 for 3300 square feet. The top is priced just under $700,000 for 4200 square feet.

There’s only one home for sale in Paraiso (aka Allegro), a 1400 square foot 3 bedroom. Three transactions this year were priced from $297,000 up to $325,000.

The section of Sandalfoot Cove that lies west of Lyons had 5 single family home transactions ranging $290,000 up to $367,000.

The Vineyards (Palmetto behind Walmart) has four homes on the market. Three are priced from $400,000 up to $430,000. One is optimistically priced at $579,000. The neighborhood has had only one sale this year, at $390.000.

Arborwood (Lyons at Palmetto) had four sales from $425,000 up to $506,000. One home is actively listed for $559,000.

There were 19 units sold in Boca Lago with prices as low as $130,000. Eight sold for $200,000 or more with 9304 Vista Del Lago B going for $300,000 (1500 square feet), and the larger 21461 Cypress Hammock Drive 28a at $337,500.

Other neighborhoods north of Boca Lago along the west side of Lyons include:

  • Timbers of Boca – 21234 Hazelwood Lane sold for $304,000 with less than 1400 square feet
  • Boca Ridge – Three homes sold from $292,000 to $330,000
  • Boca Flores – Two new 1900 square foot condos sold for $437,000 and $460,000
  • Pine Springs – 9175 Pine Springs Drive sold for $319,000 with 2300 square feet

Author: Warren Redlich

Warren Redlich is a real estate agent and an attorney. He focuses on selling homes in West Boca Raton. Find out more at Yes Boca Real Estate.