Crime Week: Mission Bay and Some Bad Dudes

Over a dozen incidents to report with Mission Bay, Southwind Lakes, Watergate Estates (a lot), Town Villas and a couple near Del Prado Elementary.

Brittany Prisco (27) of Mission Bay’s Sonata was arrested for possession of 2 Dilaudid pills, a “Schedule II narcotic.” She was pulled over in the Watergate Estates trailer park “for excessively dark window tint.” Sounds like a bogus stop.

She was not alone in the car. The affidavit makes it seem like Prisco bought the drugs from her passenger, Summer Thompson. But the deputy let the Thompson go with no apparent charges filed. One might guess that Thompson is an informant for PBSO.

Prisco has some history in our courts. Her record includes numerous traffic tickets, a couple minor domestic violence cases and one 2016 incident where deputies came to pick her up on a mental health warrant and accused her of violence toward them. She got a year probation from that one.

An HOA dispute in Town Villas (near Doris Market) about lawn service led to an assault charge for Gary Giordano (72). HOA Vice President Crowley told deputies that Giordano threatened to break everyone’s arms, starting with Crowley. Asked about it Giordano said it wasn’t a threat, but a promise.

We’re not sure this is enough to qualify as an assault under the statute.

An “assault” is an intentional, unlawful threat by word or act to do violence to the person of another, coupled with an apparent ability to do so, and doing some act which creates a well-founded fear in such other person that such violence is imminent.

While it certainly could be considered a threat by word, there’s nothing in the affidavit suggesting either that Giordano had the ability to do so or that anyone was afraid such violence was imminent.

Lianet Dominguez (22) of East Boca was arrested for domestic battery after she admitted breaking her boyfriend’s nose. The boyfriend denied that she hit him, but police arrested her anyway. We see no criminal history for her.

Christopher Sagmoe (32, Watergate Estates) is back. We wrote about him as early at 2014 when he was arrested for burglary and robbery, his 11th and 12th felony arrests. He did a 3-year prison sentence in 2010. More recently he finished a 2-year sentence for burglary and credit card fraud in 2018:

Sagmoe was arrested this time for attempting to withdraw money from a woman’s debit card at an ATM, and has similar charges pending against him for the same type of actions in Broward. The woman’s credit and debit cards had been stolen in a vehicle burglary in Parkland. Sagmoe faces more felony charges regarding this in Broward. The victim is a young mother with many connections in West Boca.

This is one of those cases that make you wonder how the criminal is out. He’s got a list of arrests and convictions a mile long. Why was his second sentence SHORTER than the first one? Why did Broward prosecutors drop felony charges against him from his 2018 arrest (another vehicle burglary and fraudulent use of a credit/debit card), just after he got out of prison?

From everything we can see in these cases the deputies in both counties are doing their jobs, but for some reason prosecutors and/or judges are going way too easy on a habitual criminal. The PBSO deputy in this case said he’s interacted with Sagmoe over 100 times over the past 10 years as a deputy.

Marisa Nesse (41) of Sierra Del Mar West (near Del Prado Elementary) was arrested for battery on a Delray police officer. She was in Delray Medical Center after being injured in Boca. Medical staff were trying to stop her from leaving the hospital and called Delray PD.

From the affidavit sounds like she had the right to leave the hospital and the officers may have been wrong to try to stop her. But we’re not sure about that, nor are we sure if that’s a valid defense to kicking a police officer in the face.

Tory Davis (41, East Boca) has a lengthy history including a short stint in state prison back in 2003-2004 from a Broward arrest. His adult felony arrest history dates back to a Broward burglary charge at age 19.

We count 4 felony cases in Broward (including the prison sentence) and 23 total cases in Palm Beach with 7 of them felonies.

In his latest arrest Davis attacked a man in a Mobil gas station inside the store, punched him in the face and stole his gold necklace. Boca PD was able to find Davis, who had fled.

As with Sagmoe, this looks like another guy who keeps getting breaks from local prosecutors and judges.

We’re not sure what for, but Alexis Zanders (22, Southwind Lakes) was arrested on a warrant from another county. We don’t see any criminal cases in Broward or Miami-Dade, but it looks like she was evicted from a Lauderhill apartment in June.

And old Twitter account with the same name has some interesting tweets for a 16-year-old.

We see no criminal history for Ms. Zanders.

And we’ve got another one. Kenneth Mack (29, Watergate Estates) was arrested for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. In 2012 he was charged with the same offense after stabbing the victim in the chest with a knife. He only got 50 days in jail and 12 months probation.

That was two years after he was convicted of grand theft of a motor vehicle and got 9 months in jail and probation. How do you not get prison for stabbing someone in the chest with a knife 2 years after a felony conviction?

He’s got plenty of other history too.

In his latest incident the alleged victim says “Kenny Mack” cut him in the face with a box cutter. The affidavit indicates witnesses say that the victim punched Mack first and then Mack hit him with a broken bottle. That could make for a good self-defense case.

Amie Richman (33, Courtyards at Boca) was arrested for contempt of a domestic violence injunction. She was at her mother’s house in violation of an order.

Emily Proenza (23, Watergate Estates) was arrested for DUI after crashing into another car at Palmetto and Judge Winikoff. She registered 0.14 twice on the breath test. A Publix employee saw her discard a small bottle of vodka after the crash.

We think Proenza may be a graduate of West Boca High and Loggers’ Run Middle, and a current or former employee of the Frank Theater in Delray Marketplace.

Christine McColgin (37, Watergate Estates) was arrested on a Broward warrant for stealing jewelry from victims in Lauderhill and selling it at a pawn shop.

McColgin has a previous felony case in Broward all the way back in 2002, also for grand theft. We see no other significant court history for her.

Milton Fernandez (26, Wind Drift in Boca Del Mar) was arrested on a Broward warrant. He faces felony drug charges including a first degree count for trafficking oxycodone.

According to a Broward deputy, Fernandez was arrested at the Deerfield Beach Publix on Federal Highway after trying to use a victim’s AMEX card and driver’s license to buy over $400 in groceries.

The woman he was with had a crack pipe, oxycodone and xanax pills, and flakka powder in her purse. Fernandez admitted the drugs were his.

Fernandez has had numerous court cases in Broward. He did nearly two years in state prison according to his FDLE record.

Lauren Zinn (29, Mizner Park) was arrested for felony battery. She has had a few cases in our courts, mostly battery. In this case she’s facing a felony for kicking a police officer in the chin while they were taking her into custody. From the affidavit it’s not clear if they had enough to support an arrest before that moment, so that could be a defense.

Author: Warren Redlich

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