Crime Report: Theft and Battery

This is our second crime report from our new intern “Rick”, a local high school student. It has a lot of the same routine variety we get in Boca. Don’t try this stuff at home. Or elsewhere.

36-year-old Christopher Ragan was arrested in East Boca following an argument with his wife. She had been lying on the couch recovering from surgery when he suddenly got aggressive and stuck his finger inside her mouth, causing some injury to her cheek. Ragan later denied this and twisted the story to make himself look like the victim. He was charged with domestic battery and witness tampering.

Stacy Brooks (43) was arrested after an argument with her 70-year-old mother. Her mother wanted her to leave their Mizner Park apartment because Brooks was “intoxicated and being rude to her”. Brooks then scratched her on the face, causing minor bleeding. 

25-year-old Keamani Chantiloupe and a friend were arrested after shoplifting chicken tenders and beer from a Publix on Federal Highway. They hid the items in a backpack and walked out. His friend, Michael Conklin (age 29, below) was also charged with possession of a concealed weapon. He had a machete in the backpack.

Court records for Chantiloupe show 20 cases since 2013 in Palm Beach County, 7 of them listed as felonies. He has another 6 cases in Broward with 3 felonies. A US citizen, he was born in Jamaica. We don’t see any priors for Conklin, who was born in New Jersey.

Bladimy Blanchard (29) was arrested after he got into a fight outside of Burger King across the street from a Boca Raton police station. After pulling up on his purple bicycle, he approached another man he was in a verbal argument with earlier that day. They fought, and according to the carefully worded police report, Blanchard seemed to have won. He then looted two Motorolas and $6 from the victim. He is now charged with petit theft and battery.

The police report suggests the Boynton-born Blanchard is homeless. Palm Beach court records show 25 cases dating back to 2010 including multiple felonies. He has a pending felony for heroin possession with an open warrant. Past cases include drugs and domestic violence.

Eric Paquin (36) was arrested after he assaulted his wife at their home in the San Marco Apartments on Military Trail.

Their children, ages 7, 6, and 1 were in the house at the time of the battery. Although his eldest child gave accounts of the attack, Paquin denied the accusations, telling police that his child must be confused.

There’s no prior court history for Paquin, but there is now an open warrant for his arrest on this case.

Canaiya Ford (19, Pompano Beach) and Kelrikkia May (18, Deerfield Beach) were arrested with a third girl, Zykerria Ford, at Town Center. They were attempting to steal almost $2,000 of merchandise hidden inside Forever 21, Macy’s, and American Eagle bags. The two Ford girls were caught after they entered a dressing room with a large number of clothes then left with fewer clothes and fuller bags. They then met up with May, who put some of the clothes in her own bag as they were leaving.

Jonathan Gould (46) was arrested for stealing about $25 of nasal spray, throat spray and lozenges from the CVS on Yamato in East Boca. His reported address is in Fort Pierce, though he has a history of minor traffic tickets and other offenses in Palm Beach County dating back to 2002.