Grabbing a Child by the Testicles: Crime Report

A Guatemalan in East Boca arrested for grabbing a child by the testicles. DUI on Lyons and Palmetto for a Boca Del Mar man. Broken Sound man accused of reckless driving in a BMW M3 causing injury. Plenty more including Watergate Estates and Sandalfoot Cove. Two incidents in the Publix plaza near Powerline including one at Brickyard.

24-year-old Gabriel Gomes was charged with DUI and Failure to Drive in Single Lane during 3 am traffic stop.

  • Remember – nothing good happens after 2 am

A deputy noticed his car fishtailing as it turned onto Lyons Road. Later after turning onto Palmetto, he began to speed and swerve between lane. The arresting officer described him as “Sad & cooperative.” At the police station Gomes registered 0.13 twice on the Intoxilyzer breath testing machine.

Gomes’ reported address is in the Avalia apartments in Boca Del Mar. We only see two traffic infractions in his past.

Wandervex Piccinini (54) was charged with Battery following a drunken argument with his wife of 31 years at their home in Watergate Estates. Police observed his wife sitting outside their home crying, a bloody scratch on her arm. She said that Piccinini slapped her in the car, and that he said that he was going to kill the both of them. Piccinini denied the physical altercation. He’s had one other misdemeanor a couple years back. 

Diego Pedro Domingo of East Boca (and on staff at Max’s Grille) was arrested by Boca PD after he was accused of slapping a child and grabbing the child by the testicles. The Guatemala native needed a Spanish interpreter in court. The arrest paperwork is heavily redacted (to protect the victim) so we do not have more details. The paperwork does not indicate Domingo’s citizenship or immigration status.

31-year-old William Sanchez was charged with felony Reckless Driving Causing Serious Bodily Injury. According to his injured passenger, Sanchez sped his 2018 BMW M3 over 100 mph down I-95, cutting through traffic and eventually crashed into a median, and then into another barrier wall. Apparently the young woman recorded some of is driving on video.

There were 3 others in the car, one of whom was transported to a nearby hospital for a broken femur, spine, and wrist. The group had been at Honey, a popular nightclub in downtown Delray Beach. Sanchez has had a slew of traffic infractions, a misdemeanor, and now, a felony.

Sanchez’ reported address is in some new apartments called 850 Boca off Broken Sound Parkway near Congress.

Gerald Humphries (71) was charged with Domestic Battery against his fiancée, who is 24 years his junior. He assaulted her after becoming angry that home off Ocean Blvd near Palmetto was dirty. This is his first misdemeanor, but he’s had lots of traffic infractions, and a notable amount of evictions in the past. 

59-year-old John Tyler, (born in the Philippines), was charged with Failure of Sexual Predator to Properly Register, after his 25-year prison sentence in Hawaii for a 1st-degree Rape. He currently resides in a mobile home in the Watergate Estates community on Sandalfoot Blvd. In Florida, he’s had various traffic infractions and a misdemeanor, as well.

53-year-old Joseph Remillard was arrested for Grand Theft, Dealing in Stolen Property, and False Verification of Ownership. His reported address is in Southwind Lakes near Yamato and Lyons. He had broken into his wife’s jewelry box, and taken the “real” jewelry, leaving only the cosmetic pieces, then pawned it at an East Boca pawn shop for cash to support his drug habit. The value of the jewelry was around $4500 dollars, and his wife stated she is now going to file for a divorce. Remillard has had an array of misdemeanors and traffic infractions in the past.

43-year-old Angelia Bray was charged with Battery and Robbery against her daughter (age 28). Bray had asked her daughter to come to work with her, but while in the car, she snatched her daughter’s backpack, scratching and punching her in the process. According to Bray, her daughter is mentally ill and has drug addiction problems. Bray has had no previous run-ins with the law, neither has her daughter.

A defense-oriented reading of this case might see this as a parent dealing with a difficult child as best she can.

21-year-old Victoria Nascimento was charged with Robbery after she and two girlfriends attacked and robbed woman at the Brickyard Restaurant and Microbrewery. They were denied entry after being suspected of having fake IDs by the bouncers, and were told to move by another employee, as they were blocking the entrance for others.

Nascimento reacted by punching her in the face, then the three girls dragged her to the parking lot, attacked her further, then fled to their car, and then to the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek (where they were detained by police). They had also stolen the victim’s backpack and phone. She’s only had one traffic infraction before this.

Rodd Marcus (55) was arrested at a Jersey Mikes in Palm Beach Gardens for two offenses. He faces charges for Domestic Battery on a senior, his mother, and simple battery for pushing a Starbucks employee.

He and his mom live on Ocean Blvd in East Boca. Prior to this, he’s had a slew of traffic infractions, another, misdemeanor, and a couple counts of cyber stalking.

Since we started writing this report Marcus was arrested again for felony grand theft and for violating the terms of his release. We will probably cover that in a future article.

Daniel Dubreuze (21) and Schleidenson Prophete (21) were charged with Retail Theft after stealing a $10 umbrella from the Target on Linton in Delray Beach. Both have only had traffic infractions in the past, though juvenile records are unavailable. Their reported addresses are in East Boca.

Damien Borchart (40) was charged with Simple Domestic Battery following his wife’s visit to the Boca PD. She suspected Borchart was stealing her Valium pills. In addition, she talked about the day before, in which her husband threw her against the wall, causing damage to both her shoulder and the drywall. Borchart denied stealing the medication, and told a different story of the day before, where he was the actual victim of abuse. Police, however, found that his wife’s story was consistent with the evidence presented at the home (drywall damage, and her injuries), and arrested him. Their children, aged 6, 7 and 8, were present, but in bed at the time of the offense. This is his first misdemeanor. 

His reported address is in the Old Floresta Historic District in East Boca.

Joshua Dodd (29) was charged with DUI after causing a 4-way accident on Glades Rd near Town Center at Butts Road. Police noticed the smell of alcohol coming off of Dodd, and he admitted he was intoxicated. In addition, he failed a series of sobriety tests, and registered over 0.21 on the Intoxilyzer breath test machine. We see no past offenses.

39-year-old Daniel Michaels of East Boca was charged with Battery on a security guard and another count for battery on a firefighter. He was on a stretcher at the Boca Regional ER, being held down in light restraints, and had been given several sedatives.

Michaels got up, however, and attacked a security officer, causing her to have minor bruising. He also injured a fireman in the process. He had been transported to the hospital after alerting the Fire Department that he was going through alcohol withdrawals, but while he was waiting for a room, he became aggressive. He’s only had traffic infractions prior to this.