Crime Buffet

A variety of small crimes fills our second report of the week. Neighborhoods include Mission Bay, Watergate Estates, Boca Del Mar and Country Park.

By the way the hot girl is a hot mess, and dating a much older man.

East Boca’s Lunzer Luzincourt (28) was arrested at Macy’s. Apparently he was so satisfied with previous visits there that he decided to become a repeat non-paying customer. The police affidavit indicates two thefts in mid-December before this one for a total of over $1100 in merchandise stolen.

Luzincourt made our crime report in May and has quite a history. He’s a cook at Shane’s Rib Shack in Boynton.

Deborah De la Paz-Boxer (48, Boca Alta in Boca Del Mar) was arrested for domestic battery after allegedly throwing a shaving kit at her husband, hitting his finger and causing an injury. The charge has already been dropped.

She had a previous battery case in 2017 that was also dropped.

Harvey Hunter (42, Watergate Estates) was arrested for battery on Christmas morning after he allegedly choked his baby-mama when she wanted to take their kids to visit her mother. On Christmas.

He also allegedly threw a used diaper at her and it hit her in the face. On Christmas.

We see no priors for Mr. Hunter.

32-year-old Amber Webber (San Marino Town Place) is charged with felony battery on her 65-year-old boyfriend. The argument started over “cat feces underneath the bed” (apparently his cat).

Amber’s father told police a different story, that Amber is a narcotics addict and tried to get some of her boyfriend’s prescription medication. During the arrest police found an oxycodone pill in her purse.

Ms. Webber has a prior felony involving drugs and battery.

Edward Bresnick (47) was arrested after 2 am for DUI in the Sonata subdivision of Mission Bay. One odd details is his reported address is the UPS store in Mission Bay Plaza. We think he may actually live in Kings Point in Delray Beach but we’re not sure.

It’s not clear why he was in the Mission Bay community but he drove up onto the sidewalk and nearly hit a car with kids in it. This prompts another question – why were kids in a car after 2 am. The kids’ father managed to get Bresnick to stop and he called deputies.

Bresnick told deputies he had been at Duffy’s drinking Aboluts and 7s (vodka and 7-up).

On a breath test Bresnick registered 0.14 and then 0.123, results that are far enough apart to raise a defense lawyer’s eyebrows.

We see no prior criminal cases for him, but quite a few traffic tickets.

39-year-old Michael Regan of Country Park was arrested for battery. You know the world has changed when you find out the argument started when his wife turned off the Wifi.

The argument “got physical” when he yanked her necklace off, causing redness and a minor abrasion.

We see no priors for Mr. Regan.

Maurice Jackson (45) was arrested for cocaine in the parking lot of The Brickyard. Jackson had been sitting in his running car which was apparently suspicious to the deputy. As Jackson was walking from his car to The Brickyard the deputy says he consented to a search which led to the cocaine.

Hopefully for the deputy’s sake that consent is recorded on a body camera.

We see no priors for Mr. Jackson.

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