The Young and the Witless: Crime Report

If you’re 23 years old and a Google search of your name leads with 5 unflattering images, maybe you should change your life. Or at least your name.

In this report we’ve got a really dumb Lynn University student from Parkland, a few alleged drunk drivers, robbery, burglary, child neglect and drugs. Neighborhoods include Boca Del Mar, Gables Town Colony, Palmetto Pines, Allure Apartments and East Boca.

Carlo Brutto (59, East Boca) presents an interesting case from a defense lawyer perspective. He’s accused by a witness of driving the wrong way on NE 20th near Federal Highway, turning around to the correct direction, crashing into the witness’ car, and then leaving the scene at a high rate of speed after briefly speaking with the witness. This all happens around 11 pm one night.

Police went to Brutto’s home (the witness/victim had Brutto’s license plate) where he admitted crashing into the witness’ vehicle and submitted to a breath test (roughly 0.18 – hammered). The breath test took place around 2:30 am, more than 3 hours after the incident.

The juicy detail for the defense is the gap in time from the accident and police arrival at Brutto’s home. Obviously after experiencing this traumatic event he must have consumed a large amount of alcohol when he got home after he was no longer driving.

There’s no way of knowing what his BAC (blood-alcohol level) was while he was driving the car.

We see no prior cases for Brutto in the system.

David Lugassy (18, Thornhill Mews in Boca Del Mar) may be a recent graduate of Katz Yeshiva High School on the Jewish Federation campus. He was arrested for felony “criminal mischief” after allegedly throwing white paint on the victim’s car and keying the car with the inscription “FUCK YOU.”

The victim’s information is redacted in the police report, though the report notes by name an individual (Katz alumnus) to whom Lugassy texted “I give no fuck” and “Deserve to rot in hell.”

Lugassy spoke to a deputy sheriff and admitted damaging the car. The felony charge has already been reduced to a misdemeanor according to court records.

Lugassy seems to work for or own Express Moving & Storage, possibly with his father Shlomi. We see no priors.

27-year-old Christian Urrutia of East Boca was arrested by FHP in Lake Worth for DUI, after a traffic stop for speeding on I-95. This was in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day.

Urrutia refused field sobriety tests and breath testing. One of the police documents describes him as polite and cooperative. There’s at least one other possible inconsistency in the documents – it indicates he was arrested on 10th Avenue rather than I-95.

We see a few misdemeanor cases in Urrutia’s past but nothing serious. He is also charged with driving while suspended.

Our Young and Witless soap opera starts with Sebaciano Cheridor (23, East Boca), a US citizen born in Haiti. He’s accused of strong-armed robbery at the Boca Inn on Federal Highway. It’s probably not a good sign when this is what comes up on a Google search for you and you’re only 23 years old.

The story here is that Cheridor and a couple friends rented a room at the Boca Inn. After an argument over money, pills, or both, Cheridor took the alleged victim’s Nintendo Switch gaming device and left. The victim, Michael Yerganian (22, Parkland) called police.

Michael Yerganian

Earlier that day this dipshit Yerganian had walked out of a Boca tattoo parlor without paying after getting a $300 tattoo. The police officers recognized him from that reported theft and he still had saran wrap over the new tattoo.

Skye Kilpatrick (19)

To round out the story, Cheridor and Yerganian were hanging out at the hotel with Skye Kilpatrick, who has had a few cases of her own including leaving the scene of a property damage accident and domestic battery.

Exp Realty’s Andrew David Coleman (33) resides in the Allure apartments near Clint Moore and Congress. He was allegedly found unconscious in his car just south of Yamato on Technology Way (the Congress intersection).

Charged with DUI, the case does not look good for the prosecution. Coleman was very cooperative and registered 0.01 on breath testing. Most people don’t know this but roughly 10% of breath tests show a legal BAC.

Coleman was then asked for a urine sample and he complied. Court records do not yet show the results of that urine sample. Coleman hired one of John Goodman’s defense lawyers. We see no priors for him.

Mary Lou Badillo (41, Gables Town Colony apartments) was arrested and charged with felony child neglect. The arrest paperwork is a bit confusing.

For one thing the husband’s name and his address are redacted even though it’s easy to find this via public records. It’s not clear why the two have separate addresses or if the 1-year-old involved is her child.

It looks like both of them left the child asleep in the house they own in the Le Palais subdivision of Boynton Beach after an argument. It’s not completely clear why she was charged and he wasn’t, or why anyone was charged since the child was not left alone for very long and was not harmed in any way.

It’s also not clear why she still has a Boca Raton address.

Jacob Stroup (32, Camino Real Apartments) was arrested for possession of fentanyl. Boca PD responded to the sidewalk in front of an East Boca Starbucks (Federal Highway near the Fifth Avenue Shops) where Stroup was reportedly “flopping around” and “punching the ground.”

The arresting officer found a syringe with Fentanyl in it. Stroup has a substantial court history including multiple felony cases.

Keamani Chantiloupe

Keamani Chantiloupe (25, East Boca) was arrested for burglarizing a car at Westway Towing in East Boca. The witness who called police identified Chantiloupe along with Carl Monaco (34, homeless) who acted as a lookout.

Carl Monaco

Monaco has a substantial history and appeared in our crime reports in September and back in 2014. Chantiloupe also has a history and was in a different September crime report.

Andrea Ciolek (42) of Palmetto Pines was arrested for DUI after a minor collision at Glades and Cain. She registered approximately 0.16 on breath testing. We see no priors for her.

Author: Warren Redlich

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