Son Drives Mom Nuts: 7 Crime Incidents in Late March

Crime seems down a bit in late March as a result of the shutdown. The most notable incident involves lewd behavior with a minor. Also domestic violence, a couple DUI cases, and more. Neighborhoods include Boca Falls, Loggers’ Run, Sandalfoot Cove, Palmetto Pines and Villa San Remo.

Aaron Osborn (26, Villa San Remo) was arrested for battery. He has multiple prior felonies and a record with FDLE.

Osborne and his girlfriend were dropping their child off at Osborne’s mother’s house in Boynton Beach. Once grandma took the kid inside, Osborne allegedly pulled his girfriend out of the car by her hair, threw her to the ground and drove off.

Maybe he’s not the one?

Alain Pierre (29, Sandalfoot Cove) was arrested for battery.

He allegedly slapped his girlfriend on the right thigh during an argument, leaving a “red hand print”. She completed a statement saying he has a history of being abusive.

He told the deputy that he gets frustrated “when she does not listen to his instructions.”

He has a drug felony case in 2020 as well.

Maybe he’s not the one?

23-year-old Connor Mumford (Country Landings I in Loggers’ Run) was arrested for DUI and battery on law enforcement.

Mumford was pulled over for speeding within Country Landings I. He was somewhat uncooperative with the deputy leading to handcuffs and a seat in the back of the patrol car. During this phase of the encounter Mumford spit repeatedly at the deputy.

At the breath test facility Mumford initially failed to blow enough volume. Later he blew twice registering about 0.10. That’s close enough he might have a viable defense. But he doesn’t look like someone a jury would favor.

Mumford has a history of multiple prior felony cases.

Evan Grayson (40, East Boca) was arrested for DUI Drugs. Police found him around 8 am sleeping in his car in the parking lot of the Boca Raton Resort with a “large glass bong” on the floor of the car.

He admitted to taking Xanax, smoking marijuana, and benzodiazepenes (a drug class that includes Xanax), all the night before.

A search of the car revealed alprazolam (Xanax) and THC oil. He said he has a prescription for the Xanax and a medical marijuana card, but did not have either on him. Boca PD searched the medical marijuana database and did not find Grayson in it.

There’s a medical marijuana card database?

Grayson was charged with DUI drugs along with unlawful possession of Xanax, THC oil, and cocaine (which is not otherwise mentioned in the report.

He hired a Miami criminal defense lawyer. We see no prior criminal cases for him, but we do see a 2011 domestic violence case in Broward that did not get filed as a criminal charge.

Boca Falls resident Fatme Darwiche (age 44) was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. This is one of the most absurd arrests we have seen in all our years writing crime reports.

The description is something many parents in West Boca can appreciate. The son (age 21) has been home from college for a couple weeks. Around midnight he was eating in the kitchen.

Mom told him to go in his room because he was making too much noise. He refused and continued being noisy. Mom lost it, grabbed a broom and started hitting objects in the kitchen, breaking the broom before Dad got her to stop.

The dipshit son called 911, so now his mom has been arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon (the broom apparently) and if mom and dad have any sense the dipshit son now has to find another place to live.

Mrs. Darwiche has no priors and our sympathy.

58-year-old Frederick Hammond of Mizner Park was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. His wife accused him of threatening to kill her with a knife.

She was in her parents apartment to get away from him when he allegedlycame to the door with a knife and made the threat. She saw him with the knife through the peephole.

He denies carrying the knife or threatening to kill her. We see no priors for him.

Gary Magny (43, Palmetto Pines) was arrested for lewd behavior in front of a minor. Deputies found him in an unspecified apartment complex (our best guess is somewhere in the Sandalfoot Cove area). Magny’s explanation as to why he was there did not make sense.

Residents called to complain, alleging that Magny was “pleasing himself with his privates out”. This was witnessed by a mother and son (age 14) from their apartment balcony.

We see only minor traffic criminal cases for Magny in the past.

Author: Warren Redlich

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