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Seven more crime incidents to report from Boca Winds, Boca Landings, Loggers Run, Sandalfoot Cove, Arium Apartments and Fieldbrook Estates.

24-year-old Jed Schneiderman of Fieldbrook Estates was arrested on A1A north of Gumbo Limbo. He’s accused of burglary with a firearm at a condo in The Aegean. He was arrested along with Zachary Charlton of Pompano.

Zachary Charlton (25) remains in custody.

A resident in one of the condos called police after seeing unknown men on her balcony and other balconies after midnight.

Boca PD found Schneiderman and Charlton walking on A1A.

While they were talking, another resident sent security camera footage from inside his condo showing both suspects inside.

Schneiderman’s charges include stealing a firearm and thus possessing a firearm during a burglary.

We see no priors for Schneiderman. Charlton has a couple cases in his past in Broward.

Schneiderman is a Marjory Stoneman Douglas graduate who has worked in West Boca.

Jordon Jones (22, Arium Apartments) was arrested for marijuana but his case does not show up in the court dockets.

Jones has a fairly extensive record for such a young age including state prison time.

He was on supervised release, but may be back in state custody now.

In another “youths behaving badly” incident, 18-year-old Kevin Restrepo Betancur was arrested for burglarizing multiple vehicles near his house in the Regency Place subdivision of Boca Winds (Middletown Drive).

He told deputies he was looking for money to buy marijuana and Xanax.

We see no priors, but crimes he may have committed as a minor might not show up.

Paul Incavido (54, Pines of Boca Barwood) was arrested for battery. His girlfriend called police saying that he was “verbally abusive and belligerent”, which doesn’t sound like battery to us.

During the conversation on scene she said he “pushed her back on the couch” at one point, but she had no visible injuries and did not wish to cooperate with an arrest.

Deputies then went to their apartment where Incavido refused to cooperate. They tried to detain him and in the process contend that Incavido resisted arrest.

The affidavit doesn’t say why but court records (and the mugshot) indicate that Incavido was hospitalized.

We see no priors for Mr. Incavido.

Paul Maimon (31, Sandalfoot Cove) is back. We reported on arrests he had in 2014 and 2015, and he has an FDLE record.

This arrest is relatively minor but it suggests more. Maimon was arrested for loitering and/or prowling. There were two different incidents where Maimon was seen by residents on their property, possibly attempting to burglarize cars. The deputy did not have enough evidence to charge him with vehicle burglary, though one was reported in the Avalon neighborhood that fit otherwise.

The loitering/prowling charge is a tough one to prove.

Peter Nelson (58) of Boca Landings had a bad evening. His son (also named Peter) apparently called 911 about a dispute with his father.

Deputies arrived, talked to the son outside, and then went inside. On the facts as described this does not look good for the deputies.

The son did not indicate his father was violent. Rather the son said he tried to restrain his father.

When the deputies went inside the father was uncooperative and told them to arrest him or “get fuck out of his residence.”

It’s unclear at this point why the deputies did not obey the order to leave the residence.

The deputy then writes that he decided to arrest the father for “domestic battery” with no indication we can see in the affidavit of any such battery. The only touching (required in a battery charge) between father and son was initiated by the son, not the father.

When the father was uncooperative with the arrest, the deputies took him down to the floor at which point he got his legs around one of the depuites in an attempt to choke him.

Next the deputy claims he struck Mr. Nelson in the legs, which seems somewhat inconsistent with the mugshot showing severe injuries to Mr. Nelson’s face.

Nelson faces charges for domestic battery resisting with violence, battery on a deputy and aggravated battery on a deputy.

So far he is represented by a public defender. If he were to fight the charges, at least through a hearing to challenge the initial arrest, he might do well and have a very good case against PBSO for unlawful arrest and excessive force.

The Cahill family in the Winding Lakes I subdivision of Loggers’ Run are back in the crime reports for the third time within about six months.

William Cahill (52) was in a September report facing a domestic battery charge. Last week his son Patrick was in our report for punching dad. Both charges were dropped by prosecutors.

Dad also had a charge in January for DUI that we apparently missed for our crime report.

In their latest incident, in late March, William was involved in an argument with his wife. He grabbed a knife and threatened to stab himself with it, and cut his hand in the process.

He then allegedly chased his wife while he was still holding the knife – thus netting the aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge. His son took the knife away and William fled, leaving a trail of blood from his hand that deputies found when they arrived.

Author: Warren Redlich

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