Crime Report: Ladies Night

Three West Boca women were involved in domestic disturbances, in Meadow Lakes, Boca Ridge, and Saturnia.

Saturnia’s Thy Dinh (44) was arrested for domestic battery after video showed her hitting and scratching her live-in boyfriend. The argument apparently started over her giving “personal massages” at her job.

Dinh was born in Vietnam. The charges have been dropped by prosecutors. We see no priors.

Brazil-born Patricia Pereira (42, Meadow Lakes Estates) was arrested for domestic battery on her “elderly mother” (age 68), with additional charges grand theft of her mother’s cell phone, and a couple more.

There’s not a lot of detail in the deputy’s affidavit but it all started with an argument over child custody.

The grand theft charge has already been dropped by prosecutors. Pereira has a number of prior cases in court, mostly minor offenses.

Kimberly Barravecchio (32, Boca Ridge) was also arrested after a domestic disturbance.

Her uncle told deputies that Kimberly threatened him with a screwdriver during an argument. He said she was in withdrawal from meth or crack and also that she was intoxicated from drinking. She’s also charged with battery on her aunt during the same incident, and battery on a deputy for spitting on him.

The uncle has asked that the charges be dropped. We see no priors for her.

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