Mid-May DUI Incidents

Three DUI incidents to report, including a man from Boca Glades, a Miami woman living in East Boca, and a former high school baseball star who lives in East Boca.

Adalberto Padilla of Boca Glades has had over 40 cases in the Palm Beach County courts. Mostly traffic but a few worse than that, including a 2017 felony charge for carrying a concealed firearm. His probation for that charge was terminated early, in August of 2019.

In his latest incident he was stopped on Federal Highway after an anonymous caller said they saw a drunk driver.

During the police investigation after the traffic stop, the arresting officer found “a small blue straw with a white powdery substance” along with capsules containing more white powder. The officer asserted in his affidavit that the powder tested positive for cocaine.

Padilla refused a blood draw at the hospital.

Prosecutors dropped all charges in mid-June with no explanation.

East Boca’s Charlesha Lyons was arrested in Palm Beach after callers reported a reckless driver and then a hit-and-run accident. When police tried to stop her she fled. Police used a tire deflating device in the roadway which blew out her front tires and she eventually stopped.

Police found her inside the car with vomit on her, an open bottle of Hennessy, and a young child in the front seat.

They found her license had 13 suspensions.

She faces several charges including DUI, hit and run with injuries, aggravated fleeing and eluding, and driving while suspended.

A week later she was arrested by Boca PD after she posted a video on Snapchat showing that she let a 12-year-old drive a car.

We see no priors in Palm Beach County but she appears to be currently on probation for a 2015 felony DUI from Coral Springs. Born in Miami, we also see several cases from there, mostly petit theft.

Court records show she has open warrants on the two new cases in Palm Beach County.

We see no priors.

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