Vehicular Hijinks: Crime Report

Varied vehicular ventures involved three Boca residents recently. All of those involved live in the Palmetto Circle – Boca Del Mar area. We’ve got a DUI, a stolen rental car, and a wild chase leading to substance abuse treatment.

Robert Seiger (41, Casa Nueva Apartments – Palmetto Circle) was arrested for DUI in Palm Beach Gardens.

Around 11:30 pm, police pulled Seiger over for speeding (62 in a 45). The officer indicates Seiger smelled of both alcohol and marijuana, and recited the usual bloodshot, watery eyes and slurred speech, along with “heavy droopy eyelids”. Oddly the eyes do not look bloodshot or watery in the mugshot.

After arrest the officer found a baggie of marijuana in Seiger’s pocket. Seiger registered 0.118 and 0.100 on two breath samples. These are barely within the 0.02 error allowed by Florida law. In addition the second control test was off more than usual.

An aggressive defense lawyer might be able to make some hay with this one.

Seiger has a significant criminal history including DUI arrests in 2007 and 2010.

From the Tiburon II section of Palmetto Circle, Tina Russell (34) was arrested for vehicle theft.

A deputy noticed a “stolen” Enterprise rental car parked in the Crystal Palms apartment complex. In Florida an overdue rental can be considered stolen.

The deputy watched the car from a distance and saw Ms. Russell sneak up the car. We wish we had video of this:

It’s unclear if she was the renter or if she got the car in some other way.

Russell has had a few prior cases including retail theft and a felony “scheme to defraud” case in February that was dropped (because she was apparently innocent).

Seth Morris (48, Isles of Boca in Boca Del Mar) was arrested by Boynton Beach PD in Ocean Ridge.

While handling a traffic accident scene, the officer noticed a Jeep lose traction, hop a curb and hit a metal pole. The Jeep (driven by Morris) then drove off. The officer ran to his police car and gave chase but lost sight of the vehicle.

He kept going and found Morris entering the Ocean Ridge Yacht Club. Morris accelerated away, then came to an abrupt stop nearly causing a collision.

Morris tried to run from the scene but stopped when the officer pointed his gun. The officer also noted a handgun tucked into Morris’ waistband.

Morris allegedly resisted the arrest and as a result “sustained a small laceration to his head.” He faces charges of fleeing and eluding, hit and run, and resisting without violence.

Subsequent to his arrest his family filed a Marchman Act case and Morris was placed in a residential facility for substance abuse treatment.

Author: Warren Redlich

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