Battered Boca Rio and Troubled Trends

Two sisters attack their mom and somehow a shower curtain rod gets involved. A man stops a plane on a runway and then tries to tase deputies. It does not go well for him.

Berlenska (left, age 23) and Stacy Desir (20)

The Desir sisters were accused of attacking their mother, as reported by their cousin. Apparently they were angry about mom talking to the pastor about their personal lives.

The investigating deputy observed a profuse amount of scratches on mom’s chest area, and red abrasions on her face. He noted that the girls repeatedly scratched their mother and struck her with closed fists.

A struggle over a shower curtain rod caused the the cut under Stacy’s eye.

Charges have already been dropped against both sisters. We see no priors cases for them.

Tate Heuer (51, Boca Rio Townhomes) was arrested at the Antiquers Aerodrome off Hagen Ranch Road.

The complaining witness says he was landing his plane on the runway when he saw Heuer standing in the middle of the runway. The pilot called 911.

Deputies tried to give Heuer a trespass warning. Heuer “took off running westbound on the runway.” A struggle ensued and Heuer got his hand on a deputy’s Taser and actually managed to shock one or both of them, though not well enough for his purposes.

The deputies “applied closed palm strikes” to Heuer’s face and ribs. This eventually worked after multiple sets of strikes. Heuer was cuffed and taken to Delray Medical Center. Court records indicate he was hospitalized for at least a few days.

He faces multiple counts of felony battery on law enforcement officers, resisting with violence and more.

We see no priors and so far no explanation for his behavior.

Author: Warren Redlich

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