Seven Bridges Sued

You think your HOA has problems? A tennis dispute in Seven Bridges has the HOA in federal court accused of religious discrimination and housing discrimination.

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It all started with tennis lessons through the HOA. The LaGrasso family paid over $1000/month for their three kids to get lessons on the community tennis courts.

The lawsuit pdf is at the bottom of the article.

Unfortunately a mob of angry tennis moms attacked the sweet children and their mother, ruining the joy of living in a community of million dollar homes.

Mrs. LaGrasso complained and was then surrounded by angry women with tennis rackets, allegedly led by a Ms. Elana Ecker.

Elana Ecker – She’s a Giants fan so she can’t be all bad.

Apparently the Gang of Eight had connections with the HOA which sent a threatening letter to the LaGrassos, and suspended their access to community facilities.

The Lagrasso lawsuit singles out Rachel Tannenholz, whose husband is apparently on an HOA committee.

Rachel Tannenholz

LaGrasso claims to have substantial evidence that she was innocent and that the Gang of 8 was abusive.

She then alleges that Mrs. Tannenholz engaged in a series of personal attacks on Facebook, called her names like “stupid Shiksa”, actually came to the LaGrasso home and had to be ordered to leave by a PBSO deputy.

LaGrasso seems to think the HOA should have done something about Tannenholz’s behavior.

I reviewed the lawsuit and I don’t think there’s enough here to stay in federal court. But I discussed it with another attorney who knows the area of law better. He thinks Seven Bridges may have to pay a substantial settlement to the LaGrassos to make this go away.

We’ll eventually see who is right.

We also learned that Tannenholz sued LaGrasso for defamation and libel in Palm Beach County Circuit Court (filed Wednesday), and LaGrasso filed a cyberstalking case against Tannenholz in early June. That latter case has been dismissed.


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