Crime: Counterfeit Merch, Urine For Hire and More

5 incidents to report from mid-July including counterfeit merch, DUI with cocaine, patient pee profits, prowling, and aggravated battery. Neighborhoods include Sandalfoot Cove, Boca Gardens and Watergate Estates.

Rose Yavru (33, Boca Gardens) was accused of selling fake Louis Vuitton’s and other fake merchandise out of the Hamsa Boutique / Hamsa Shoes store in Town Center Mall.

After receiving multiple tips and checking with the brands, Boca PD sent undercover officers in to purchase fake merchandise. The buys were in mid-December during the Christmas shopping season. A search warrant was executed and conducted on New Year’s Eve. Over 1800 items were seized. All 1800 were verified as counterfeit by the brand, including Apple, Kate Spade, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Versace, Michael Kors, Chanel, Rolex, Warner Brothers and Givenchy.

Yavru, a native and citizen of Turkey, met with detectives in mid-January with her attorney present. For some unknown reason her attorney actually let her speak to detectives and she admitted to committing crimes.

We see no prior criminal history for Ms. Yavru.

Daniel Kaine of East Boca was arrested in mid-July. Police allege he took kickbacks from Genesis labs for bringing in urine specimens from Your Life Recovery.

Kaine was reportedly operating out of an address in the San Marco apartments of Broken Sound off Military Trail, and was connected with the Your Life Recovery sober home in Boynton Beach.

The fraud involved 5100 urine tests costing $1.8 million billed to insurance and Kaine received about $70,000 in kickbacks.

Court records show two felony cases against Kaine in 2013 for grand theft and drugs. Both cases were dropped by prosecutors.

Brandon Doran (30, Watergate Estates) was arrested for DUI and cocaine.

The documents filed in court seem incomplete. Normally the “probable cause affidavit” filing includes an affidavit where the arresting officer fully describes the circumstances of the arrest.

In this case they filed the DUI paperwork but some key details are missing. The documents show he was arrested for cocaine possession but there’s no discussion of where or how cocaine was found.

The initial encounter is also a little fuzzy. It’s not clear if this was a traffic stop or a “consensual encounter.” There doesn’t appear to be a sufficient reason for a traffic stop. All of this happened on Leeward Place inside the trailer park.

Ultimately Doran was arrested and he refused a breath test.

Doran had a felony arrest for grand theft in 2013 and a criminal traffic case in 2005 that is marked as having an open warrant. But the open warrant looks like a mistake.

Dominic Sylvestre (35, Sandalfoot Cove) was arrested for loitering and prowling in East Delray. He was allegedly looking into vehicles at Grieco Ford before 5 am.

Looking at the Florida Statute, this looks like a case that should be dismissed.

One other interesting details is Delray PD used a drone to fly over the area. They were able to locate Sylvestre and track him down with it.

We see no prior cases for Mr. Sylvestre.

Julian Onsrud (55, Sandalfoot Cove) was arrested for aggravated battery by PBSO in at Delray Medical Center.

Due to heavy redactions it’s hard to figure out exactly what happened. As best we can tell Onsrud was beating another person, possibly his girlfriend, stabbed Onsrud four times with an 8″ butcher knife.

It appears Onsrud severely beat his victim and both were hospitalized. There was also another man present and Onsrud also beat that man causing serious injuries. Again the redactions make it very hard to fully explain what happened.

The mugshot looks normal and suggests that Onsrud was released from the hospital and taken to PBSO at Gun Club Road.

We see multiple minor criminal traffic cases in Onsrud’s past but nothing more serious.

Author: Warren Redlich

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