Drugs, DUI and Domestic Violence

Five July crime stories with DUI, men battering women, a store robbery, drugs and more. Boca Vista Estates, Boca Del Mar, Watergate Estates and East Boca residents involved.

Claudia Hernandez Irias (29, Boca Vista Estates) was arrested for DUI by the Florida Highway Patrol on an I-95 exit ramp. The arrest paperwork is a bit confusing as it says it was the exit ramp for Palm Beach Lakes Blvd but it also says it was in Delray Beach.

She’s accused of DUI causing damage to property and of leaving the scene.

A driver accused her of colliding with his pickup and a second witness reported the same. Troopers stopped Ms. Hernandez Irias and noticed signs of intoxication. She claimed she’s a paralegal (we did not find her license when we looked her up) and refused field sobriety tests.

At the station she registered a 0.155 on one breath sample which was found unreliable. She did not complete a second sample and that was marked as a refusal.

Christopher Fontaine (37, East Boca) was arrested after his girlfriend appeared at JFK Medical Center (Lantana) with substantial injuries including a laceration that required 17 stitches, “bruising all over her body,” cigarette burn marks, a busted lip and a black eye.

They allegedly had multiple fights involving alcohol, drugs, rent money and cheating. She said he punched her in the face multiple times on more than one occasion.

She also accused him of grabbing her phone and destroying it, adding a robbery charge to the list.

It’s not clear whether the girlfriend will be cooperative with the prosecution.

Broward court records show multiple cases involving Fontaine including drugs and domestic violence.

Kira Jones (25, Gables Boca Place in Boca Del Mar) was arrested in Boynton Beach.

The initial encounter with police seems a little dubious. The “violent crimes task force” was patrolling, saw a silver Lincoln speeding and tried to stop it. Speeding is not a violent crime.

A chase of sorts ensued and at one point Jones “bailed from the vehicle” (he was a passenger) and ran away on foot. The arresting officer caught Jones and charged him with resisting without violence, a low-level charge that will likely be dismissed.

The driver, above, is Marcus Dukes of Boynton Beach. He was arrested for fleeing and drugs.

Nella Eastep (37, Watergate Estates) was arrested for cocaine possession after a traffic stop in East Boca. Eastep was a passenger in the vehicle and the arresting deputy recognized her from previous encounters.

A crack pipe was found on the floor near another passenger. Eastep had a spoon with a burnt substance on her lap, and deputies found crack cocaine in her purse.

We see four recent felony arrests in court records, and a total of 19 cases (not all criminal).

Robert Nersissian (41, East Boca) appeared in our crime reports in June of 2019 for a DUI case. He’s back, this time with three incidents.

The Lebanon-born Nersissian was arrested at a Publix for trespassing after having been previously ordered off the property by a store manager. He also has a recent case for hitting his girlfriend.

His most serious case is felony robbery at the Kwik Stop on Camino Real. The store clerk recognized him from past incidents and insisted on being paid before handing an e-cigarette to Nersissian.

Nersissian punched a computer monitor, counters and plexi-glass, and then walked out of the store with a 4-pack of beer he hadn’t paid for.

We see numerous cases in the Palm Beach County courts under his name.

Author: Warren Redlich

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