DUI Week: Crime Report June 1

We report on 9 DUI incidents including an Uber driver who looks innocent to us. Only one drug crime in this report. Plus a robbery, a theft, a predator with a warrant, a Tinder date from hell, and more.

Neighborhoods covered this week include Southwind Lakes, Woodfield Hunt Club, Boca Landings, The Isle in Mission Bay, Boca Del Mar, Boca Entrada – Boca Country, Boca Winds, Gables Town Place, Indianhead in Loggers Run, and of course, Watergate Estates.

Cory Meltzer of Carriages of Woodfield Hunt Club

We covered former attorney Cory Meltzer in the past when he was arrested for fraud. He has since been disbarred.

And now he has been arrested for battery. His mother-in-law (sort of, it’s complicated) called police saying that her daughter told her Cory had pushed her onto the bed and then hit her in the head and face with a plastic sword.

When interviewed by police the wife tried to hide her face which had “a fresh red and blue bruise under her right eye.” She told multiple inconsistent stories but apparently did not want to blame her husband. He declined to answer questions.

Carlos Abudeye Guerra of Boca Country – Boca Entrada behind Alister apartments off 441. Arrested for DUI.

Mr. Guerra was seen sleeping in his car in the drive-thru lane of the Sandalfoot Taco Bell after 1 am. When the witness knocked on his window he woke up and drove forward into the truck in front of him. He blew over 0.16, double the legal limit.

He has multiple priors including two felony cases. As usual he faced minimal consequences with one felony case dropped by prosecutors and probation for the other one.

Alfreda Moss of East Boca arrested for DUI

Ms. Moss crashed into a tree on SW 12th in East Boca in full view (and perhaps terror) of a witness driving the other way. During the initial conversation with police she fell down.

Moss refused a breath test at the Boca police station and – to Boca PD’s credit – was taken to the ER “for medical clearance”. She has no prior history in our county.

David Alexander Smith (27) of Boca Winds arrested for DUI

Smith rear-ended a bus on Palmetto near Palmetto Dunes Park in East Boca. Smith refused a breath test at Boca PD.

He told police he had a recent DUI but we haven’t found that in court records.

Derrick Dennis of Gables Town Place near Town Center, arrested for DUI.

Mr. Dennis was arrested by FHP on the Turnpike at the Glades Road exit. A trooper found him asleep in his car on the ramp. He refused a breath test. We see no significant prior history.

Gordon Krieger (58) of East Boca arrested for DUI

Boca PD encountered Mr. Krieger on Dixie Highway just north of Spanish River Blvd. They report that he caused an accident, possibly running a red light at that intersection. He refused to perform field sobriety exercises and a breath test. Because of a prior refusal he was charged with a crime for refusing again.

There’s an odd note in the report indicating a witness named “James Garner”. The famous actor died in 2014, so it’s not him.

Michael Anthony Felton (22) of southeast Boca arrested in Delray Beach for DUI damaging property and leaving the scene of an injury accident.

We like to say nothing good happens after 2 am but Michael Felton’s problems started at 1:54 am in Delray. When he crashed a Delray officer heard it and walked over. Felton then fled the scene and was topped minutes later.

Felton registered 0.22 on breath testing and said he “should have taken an Uber.” The report does not say who, if anyone, was injured and that charge might be dismissed for that reason. We see no significant prior history.

Reed Reiter from the FAU ghetto area was arrested for DUI.

Mr. Reiter was stopped in West Boynton based on what appears to be an anonymous report of “failing to maintain lane”. The police report looks like a completely bogus stop. The deputy does not indicate he observed any traffic violations or other issues before stopping Reiter’s car.

Reed blew 0.000 twice.

The report indicates he was taking “Kratom”, but we see no indication he was even tested for drugs. We’re not sure because one of the documents is too faint so it’s unreadable. It’s not clear if there is a test for Kratom or if it’s documented as an impairing drug. Kratom is not illegal as far as we know.

Reiter had a drug paraphernalia arrest in 2013.

Robert Nersissian arrested for DUI

Nersissian (40) was pulled over in Mizner Park for driving with no headlights after midnight. He admitted drinking “saki” according to Boca PD.

Nersissian refused a breath test at Boca PD. He had some misdemeanor cases back in 2007. He lives in an apartment in East Boca.

Timothy Smith arrested for DUI

Mr. Smith (46) of East Boca was found sleeping in his car on Glades Road. Asked where he was coming from he said London. Also where he was going to – London. He blew over 0.12 on breath tests. Police also found hashish in the car, which is apparently a felony.

Patrick Spicci (26) of East Boca arrested for drugs

According to Boca PD, Mr. Spicci crashed on Glades Road, left his car and jumped the fence into the Boca water treatment plant. After a brief search and chase he surrendered.

Police found suboxone (usually used to get off heroin), cocaine and paraphernalia in the car. On the bright side he was not charged for DUI.

Court records show an arrest in 2016 for driving while suspended but of course that was dropped by prosecutors.

Spicci’s Facebook page shows he has good taste in cars and he has a good sense of humor too.

Jeremy Ehrenthal (43) of Estancia West arrested for robbery

Mr. Ehrenthal was arrested at the Spanish River Church. He allegedly grabbed the female victim, snatched her phone out of her hand (the robbery) and slammed it on the ground.

This arises out of something like a custody dispute between Ehrenthal and his “estranged wife” who is staying with the victim, a family member.

He is also charged with criminal mischief for destroying the iPhone XR and for simple battery as well.

He had a battery charge in 2004 that was dismissed. We see no other criminal history for him but plenty of traffic tickets. Mrs. Ehrenthal filed for divorce a few days after this recent arrest.

His LinkedIn profile indicates a successful career in insurance.

Julio Montoya (37) was arrested for trespassing at Flanigan’s on Federal Highway. He has a few cases in his court history including a 2014 felony arrest for burglary that was dropped by prosecutors. He appears to be homeless.

Eduardo Rodriguez (39) of East Boca was arrested for shoplifting at the Camino Real Publix. He took a 12-pack of Modelo Especial (Mexican beer) and an 8-piece box of fried chicken. Police found him in the parking lot of Trader Joe’s with both items.

Because his name is so common we can’t tell how many other arrests he’s had.

Julia Wesson of Indianhead in Loggers’ Run was arrested on an out-of-county warrant. We haven’t found that case yet but she has a previous Baker Act case from 2017 and was sued in 2018 for what appears to be credit card debt.

Michael Webber of Watergate Estates was arrested on a warrant. It appears this was a probation violation for removing his monitoring bracelet on his probation in Broward County. He was in our sexual predator report in January and is under community supervision.

We covered Cody Saggese of Southwind Lakes in one of our March crime reports. He’s back., this time for domestic battery. He stole money from his mother and when she took it back he grabbed her and held on hard, digging his nails into her skin which caused some injury. His brother forced him to let go.

Yanelia Sarmiento (24) of Boca Landings faces her second battery on a law enforcement officer case in two months. We missed her first one in March and she has another now in late May.

The full story isn’t clear but what we have is that she was removed from a home in Boca Greens and a deputy was driving her home. Upon arrival at her home she punched the deputy in the jaw.

The previous case is even better. She met a guy on Tinder and went to his place in Southwind Lakes. She told deputies that she refused to have oral sex and intercourse with the guy. He said that when she was leaving he didn’t to drive her home so she started kicking the car outside – which belonged to the roommate.

Deputies thought they had resolved the situation when she agreed to pay for the damage and there would be no charges. But the next day she started texting the roommate with Google Voice making a variety of threats. During her arrest she spit on and kicked the deputies. So now she’s facing a couple felonies.

Tinder users beware!

61-year-old Wendy DeSouza of The Isle in Mission Bay was arrested for battery after she threatened her 32-year-old son with a baseball bat, ripped his shirt and scratched him. Apparently he lives with her, doesn’t pay any bills, and she got tired of it. We’re not sure she’s wrong.

Sherri Battista (56) was arrested at or near her home near Del Prado Elementary. She allegedly attacked her older sister, who is suing her over property owned by their late mother.

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