Elementary Teacher – Child Pornography

A teacher at Sandpiper Shores Elementary School was arrested Wednesday by deputies on numerous counts of child pornography, along with one charge of tampering with evidence.

This crime report also includes 5 other cases including an East Boca woman threatening police with a gun, an assault, a felon charged with battery in a really weird story, a DUI and also a property damage incident against a young man with a pending rape case in Broward.

Neighborhoods involved include Watergate Estates, Alister Apartments (Boca Entrada), Boca Chase, Southwind Lakes and East Boca.

Sources tell us Aleck Ford (age 36) is a 3rd grade or 4th grade teacher at Sandpiper Shores Elementary School.

The probable cause affidavit was prepared by a PBSO investigator working with a “internet crimes against children” task force. The investigator discovered a video showing a 10-13 year-old white female being abused in a “Peer to Peer” network that was shared by a Comcast internet (IP) address. Comcast reported to PBSO that this address belonged to Mr. Ford.

Upon serving a search warrant Wednesday, Ford took an unusually long time to answer the door. Detectives found a USB drive in the toilet – the basis for the tampering charge. They found “multiple files deemed child erotica and filenames indicative of child pornography” on a laptop.

Forensics later found “over 30 images depicting sexual exploitation of a child” on the USB drive.

We found surprisingly little about Ford in our search. He appears to have an account on DeviantArt.com which describes him as “deviant” for 11 years. This is presumably a lighthearted reference to his account being 11 years old but it still looks awkward now.

A LinkedIn account appears to be him and describes him as a freelance illustrator and concept artist.

He appears to have studied art and animation at FAU, producing this short video:

We see no prior charges against Mr. Ford in local courts. He remains in the county’s main detention center and it looks like bail has not been set yet. He did have court this morning but the court records have not been updated at this writing.

This is an odd one. Anna Malaythong (46, Alister Apartments on Boca Entrada) was arrested and charged with assault after her husband punched her in the nose. According to the husband she was “highly intoxicated,” yelling at and threatening their 5-year-old daughter and her husband. She raised her arms and fist to strike her husband and he then punched her in the nose. She called police.

The daughter confirmed the husband’s account of the story.

Annet Libeau (51, East Boca) was arrested after allegedly threatening FPL workers. They were at her property to trim trees. The worker told police an “elderly” female [ouch] pointed a gun at him and said she’d kill him if he came on her property.

When Boca PD officers were at the front door to investigate, Libeau had a black 9mm Glock handgun, “cocked it and stuck it out of the front door.”

Firearms note: Glock handguns are not “cocked.” They don’t work that way. There’s no external hammer to pull back. It’s possible the officer meant that she “racked the slide.” See the video below showing how to rack the slide of a Glock 26 – (one of their 9mm handguns):

There’s more detail in the “Red Flag” proceeding that was granted by the judge and that does indicate she racked the slide.

Officers retreated and called for the SWAT team. A Boca PD crisis negotiator called Libeau on the phone and she agreed to surrender. She told them the gun was in the house and they found a loaded Glock 19.

Her ex-husband turned in two other handguns of hers, a Glock 26 and a Glock 17 (both also 9mm).

We see no prior cases for Ms. Libeau.

Kenton Beck (28, Watergate Estates) was arrested for battery and violation of felony probation.

It’s a bizarre story. Beck’s wife had a friend visiting. The harassment and touching continued over a 10-day period according to the visitor – who continued to stay with them for this 10-day period.

The arrangements were that the visitor would sleep in bed with the wife and Mr. Beck would sleep on the couch. On the third night Beck got into the bed while the wife was sleeping and began touching the visitor inappropriately. She resisted.

This allegedly happened five of the next six nights.

Beck is on felony probation for a child abuse felony. While the above image shows it as sex offender probation he is not in the sex offender registry.

Broward court records show a 2015 case where Beck met up with a 14-year-old girl he’d met via the Kik messaging app, and touched her inappropriately.

Scott Pores (23, Watergate Estates) was arrested for damaging a gate arm in the Waterberry section of Boca Chase. He manually lifted the entry gate to let a delivery van through, and the gate arm broke off while he was doing it.

This arrest led to us finding his pending felony in Broward County where he was accused of raping a 15 year old in 2015 when he was 18 years old. The victim did not report the rape until 2017, and charges were not filed until 2018.

Pores has nearly 30 cases in Broward dating back to a criminal traffic case in 2012 when he was 15 years old. Most are traffic related including felonies in 2017 for leaving the scene of an accident with injury and driving while suspended/revoked.

He also had a 2015 felony in Palm Beach County for grand theft that was reduced to a misdemeanor.

Frank Wajda (59, Southwind Lakes) was arrested for DUI after hitting another car at the Shadowood Walgreens off Glades Road.

Wajda registered over 0.13 on two breath tests. The deputy’s report notes two previous DUIs in Illinois, both about 20 years ago.

We see no significant priors for Mr. Wajda.

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