Contact Policy

We get contacted in various ways by various people. We haven’t always handled them well, so we’ve decided to adopt some policies about how to handle contacts.
The best ways to reach us are email or through the West Boca News Facebook page.
Some people contact us politely. Others are rude. Some threaten us. This often happens with regard to arrest stories. See our Arrest Removal Policy for more about that.
If we think you’ve sent an impolite, threatening, or otherwise inappropriate message, we will send you a link to this page. Beyond that we will not communicate with you at all.
If you persist in sending us such messages, we will post them for all of the world to see. We’ve done it before and we’ll do it again. We may also ban you from posting comments on our page and website.
Threatening messages will be referred to the appropriate police agencies, usually the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office.
If you send us a news tip, we might use it. We might not. If you can include photos or videos with your tip, please do so. They usually make the stories better.
Most of our tipsters want to be anonymous. If you want to be mentioned by name or credited, please say so. If you don’t, we will usually keep your name out of any story. If you don’t want to be mentioned, it helps to say so.
You are welcome to post comments on our articles on the website, and on our Facebook posts as well. Please note that coarse language and excessive use of ALLCAPS are often rejected or hidden automatically by our website’s software or by Facebook.
The best ways to reach us are email or through the West Boca News Facebook page.