Crime in Palm Beach County: By Zip Code

What parts of Palm Beach County have the most crime? What parts have the least? We’ve got answers by zip code.
Measured by arrest counts vs. population, West Delray Beach’s zip code 33446 has the lowest crime rate in Palm Beach County. With 22,571 people and only 24 counts, the rate of arrest counts per population was the lowest in the county at just over one in a thousand.
Riviera Beach’s zip code 33404 was the worst, with 1034 arrest counts booked in a population of 26,634. That crime rate is nearly 40 times as high as in West Delray, and roughly quadruple the county average of one count per hundred residents.
West Boca News readers will be pleased to hear that four of our five zip codes were in the top 10 for lowest crime out of 51 zip codes in the county. And the #1 West Delray is probably our sixth zip code since we often hear from readers in Saturnia Isles, The Bridges, and Mizner Country Club.
Here’s the Top 25 in lowest crime rates (West Boca zips are in blue):
PBC - Top 25 Lowest Crime
We’ve included zip code maps of the county at the bottom of the post.
Here’s the worst 26:
Bottom 26
We previously wrote about the crime rate in West Boca, and arrest rates in all nine Boca Raton zip codes.
A couple of notes about the data are in order. First, this is for only a three-month period – the first three months of 2014. We hope to do this again covering a longer period and think that will be more accurate overall.
Second, we don’t have perfect data and we didn’t go through it as thoroughly as we’d like to. Some of the counts are for things like “Booked – Recommit” or “Fail to Appear” which are not really crimes in and of themselves. The number of counts is also imperfect. When we went through Boca Raton in our earlier articles, the counts per arrest number ranged from 1.6 to 2.1. We’ve seen cases where one person is arrested and charged with over 30 counts. And our population numbers are for 2011, which makes them somewhat out of date. Overall we think these issues are minor but could be significant for some zip codes.
Third, some of the zip codes we included are small, making the data a bit less reliable. Canal Point’s zip code 33438 was second-worst, but the population is only 354 so the numbers are statistically dubious. Similarly, West Boynton’s 33473 (the GL Homes Canyon developments) ranked #2 in lowest arrest rate, but the population for that zip code is less than 4000. This should be less of a problem when we do this for a longer period of time.
Fourth, the zip codes are for the address of the person arrested, not necessarily for the place where the crime was committed.
Fifth, some of the arrests in the data had the wrong zip codes. For example, zip code 33425 is listed as having 24 arrest counts, 33422 had 12 and 33416 has 10. These three zip codes all have zero population. Over 500 of the nearly 15,000 or so arrests are attributed to zip code 00000, and another large chunk are from 4-digit or 6-digit zip codes. And there are big groups from other counties, especially Broward and Miami-Dade. We also left out the Tequesta zip code because most of it is in Martin County. We reduced the data to 13,093 arrest counts in a population of over 1.3 million people in the county.

Zip codes in northeast PBC
Zip codes in northeast PBC

Southeast county zips
Southeast county zips

West County zips
West County zips

Library Notes

the-maze-runnerThis week at the Glades Public Library, kids ages 11-17 can take part in a discussion of the book “The Maze Runner” by James Dasner and enjoy some pizza. July 30th at 7 p.m. Please preregister by calling 561-482-4554.
For adults this week is a program called “The Art and Science of Schmoozing: Using Strategic Networking to Build Relationships” Laurie Glover, a veteran corporate trainer, will talk about networking on July 30th at 1 p.m. This is a 2 hour program. Preregister by calling 561-862-4726.
petsKids ages 5 to 9 can learn about Pet Parenting on July 31st at 3 p.m. An interactive presentation by PBC Animal Care and Control. Glades Public Library.
fizzboomFizz, Boom, CELEBRATE with a Big Summer Wrap-up! on July 30th at 2:30 p.m. at the West Boca Public Library. Party with OOOga the Cavewoman, a silly prehistoric lady who will share Stone Age comedy and magic. All ages welcome. Please preregister at 561-470-1600. 2 hr program.

Kandiss Sells Coke?

kandisswilliamsKandiss Williams (45) was arrested Friday, accused of selling cocaine on two separate days in February and March. Police say these alleged transactions took place within 1000 feet of a protected zone (schools and day care centers, for example) and that increases the severity of the charge.
Ms. Williams’ reported address is in Sandalfoot Cove north of SW 3rd between 441 and Lyons. She had a felony cocaine sale conviction from a 2011 arrest She got just short of 30 days in county jail along with 3 years probation and her probation may still be active. She also had felony grand theft charges in Broward back in 2003.

To respond to comments claiming we didn’t verify our information, here are images from the Palm Beach court website about her prior felony case:
Felony Conviction
And from Broward:
And here is an image from the present cases:
Cocaine sale

We should also add, as our regular readers know, that we oppose the drug war. Prohibition has been failing for many decades. What Ms. Williams is accused of doing should not be a crime.
And we should have mentioned that the delay between the alleged transactions and the arrest often suggests a problem for the prosecution.

Bianca Fichtel Charged With DUI Manslaughter

Update: The charges against Ms. Fichtel were dropped by prosecutors on Wednesday, December 16, 2015.
biancafichtelBianca Fichtel (24) was just charged with DUI manslaughter arising out of an April accident. Ms. Fichtel’s reported address is in the Barrington subdivision of Boca Chase (west of 441 and just south of Clint Moore).
Ms. Fichtel has two previous felony arrests, including a 2010 drug paraphernalia charge and a 2011 case involving alleged possession of stolen property that was dropped by prosecutors. She’s also had a few traffic cases including one for leaving the scene of an accident and a high speed on the Turnpike in Broward.
The April accident occurred at Yamato near I-95. Ms. Fichtel’s Ford F-150 allegedly collided with a bicyclist, George Morreale. The 65-year-old died “as a result of multiple blunt force trauma injuries.”
Police indicate that Fichtel had a passenger, Paul Maida, who was himself previously arrested in a January SWAT incident.
The arrest report asserts that Ms. Fichtel’s truck hit Morreale in the bicycle lane, but there appears to be little or no evidence of that.
Ms. Fichtel’s blood was drawn (it’s unclear if that was done properly). The toxicology report did show some drugs in her system and it’s not clear whether the level of those drugs is enough to have caused impairment. The police report vaguely alleges that it might be enough.
The alprazolam and nordiazepam levels are well below “therapeutic” levels. The clonazepam is in the therapeutic range but nowhere near toxic. The other drugs are so low as to be essentially unmeasurable.
This looks like a very difficult case for the prosecution to prove. There are major holes in proving both the cause of the accident and that Fichtel was impaired by drugs.

Endless Summer Jam at the Y

summerjamThe Peter Blum Family YMCA in Boca Raton is inviting the community to their Endless Summer Jam on August 2nd from 6 to 8 p.m. This free end of summer party will have live music and karaoke. There will be food trucks, fire pits and smores. Kids can enjoy a bounce house and a movie at 8 p.m.
The YMCA will be offering one day specials including a $0 joining fee and 10% off select fall program packages. The Boca YMCA is located at 6631 Palmetto Cir South.