Brendy's on Yamato

We visited Brendy’s Ice Cream and Yogurt Cafe. It is in Yamato Village Center on Yamato Road just west of Lyons. The plaza entrance is actually on Lakeridge.
It certainly looks the part.

One note is that there’s a sign on the window indicating it’s certified as Kosher.
There are plenty of choices, roughly triple what you see in the photo below.

There’s good stuff for kids. They gave theirs thumbs up.

And for adults, also reported good by those not on a diet.

There are even four “low carb” options that are advertised as 9 calories per ounce. I tried the butterscotch and it was surprisingly good.

But I did not eat all of it.
It’s hard to screw up ice cream and Brendy’s did not. Nice place. I’m sure we will be back.
For premium ice cream, not on a diet, Coldstone Creamery in Central Boca is better. But Brendy’s has a wide variety of choices, and it’s about the only ice cream place in West Boca.

Coconut Cove Waterpark is open weekends and holidays

FYI, the Coconut Cove Water Park in South County Regional Park is open on weekends and holidays (and has been since March – we’re behind the times).
From June 8th to August 19th it will be open daily.
Weekdays, 10:30 am to 5 pm
Saturday, 10am to 6pm
Sunday, Noon to Six
8/20 to 9/3 it’s open weekends only, plus Labor Day.
A season pass for an adult/child combo is $112, which works out if you go more than six times.

Events for Week of 5/27/2012

Here are some events for the week of May 27th. If you know of any others, or want your event posted, please e-mail us.
West Boca Library (on 441 north of Yamato):
Tuesday at Two: Wine Workshop
Wednesday, 2pm: Half-hour training on using library e-books.
Saturday (June 2) at 10:30: Cartoons for kids
Glades Library
Tuesday Teens – 6:30 pm (video games for middle and high schoolers)
Wednesday Women’s health program (see below)
West Boca Medical Center (Register 866-904-9262)
How much is too much medication? Tuesday 12pm
Premier Residences of Boca Raton | Tuscany Dining Room, 22601 Camino Del Mar
Women’s Works – Health Program for women about minimally invasive surgery
Wednesday, 12 pm, Glades Library
Also Wednesday, 10 am, birthcare pavilion tour
Register online (only 2 seats left at this writing)
Daggerwing Nature Center
Alligator feeding Wednesday and Friday at 3:15pm
Owl Meet & Greet Friday at 4

Outback in Boca Greens

This is a quick review of our local Outback Steakhouse. It is in the Boca Greens plaza on 441 between Glades and Yamato.
We came with a few kids. The kid menu was fun and they all found something to eat – and liked what they ordered.
The grown ups had filets, which were pretty good. Half of my steak was partly undercooked. Half was right – medium and tasty. The other half was rare. I pointed this out to the server who saw it, agreed, and did nothing to make up for it.
It came with grilled shrimp that were small and boring. If you’re serving a filet the shrimp with it should not be tiny. The vegetables were good – a nice variety with large broccolis.
The other adult liked her filet -with mushroom sauce- better and had excellent mashed potatoes. The meat was cooked perfectly as ordered.
I also had a creamy onion soup which was quite good if you like it peppery (I do). Outback also has outstanding bread (dark and sweet) before the meal with whipped butter.
The restaurant was busy but not crazy, though parking was a slight challenge. Service was not spectacular – perhaps because they were so busy. Servers did not show up to the table as often as needed. They were helpful once they were within reach.
It was also noticeably cold inside, colder than the typically cold restaurants here. Looking around, the customers all seem happy.
This was our first visit. I’m sure we will be back.

Cloning in West Boca – The doggie doppelganger

West Boca made the news in an unusual way this week. A local couple will be on TV Monday, their 15 minutes of fame coming from cloning their dog. Read more in the Orlando Sentinel.
Some might question spending over $150K when you could buy a dog for far less, or even rescue one from an animal shelter. But as far as we’re concerned it’s their money and they should be free to part with it in whatever manner they choose, foolish or not.
The TV show is called I Cloned My Pet.
The story isn’t really new. They were on the Today Show back in 2009.