Classic Rolls in Regency Court

If you’re rich enough to have a classic Rolls Royce Corniche …
And funny enough to have a license plate that plays on Grey Poupon (and rich enough to pay for registering it in two states) …
Then we’ll cut you some slack if you’re not a good enough driver to fit it within the lines.
Hopefully the owner has enough of a sense of humor to take this with a smile.

Incident at Mission Bay Plaza

West Boca News witnessed an incident in Mission Bay Plaza near the Toys R Us store. As best we could tell, a passenger in a car was not feeling well and collapsed on the ground outside the car.
By the time we left the area, another man came to assist and the ailing man got back in the car, which drove off.
If police or EMS were called, they did not arrive on scene before the situation was over.
Out of courtesy to those involved, we blocked out the license plate and the faces as best we could.

West Boca Rocks the JDRF Walk

West Boca residents made a big splash this morning at this year’s Boca Raton Juvenile Diabetes walk in and near Mizner Park. Above you can see the West Boca High Vanguard band playing for people as they walk by.
They seemed to be having fun:

There were a few teams from West Boca that appeared prominently. Nicole Cohen from Kiki’s Krew sang the National Anthem:

Kiki’s Krew kids also had fun dancing on the stage to Pharrell Williams’ Happy.
We also saw members of the West Boca Key Club and Team Harrison. West Boca News walked with the Yates & Schiller team and many neighbors.
This was a big event. Shooting from the hip we’d estimate well over one thousand people were there. Per the JDRF website the event raised $300,000.
JDRF Crowd
The event started early with people gathering before 7:30 am. It filled up by 8:30 and the walk began. It was a sunny morning and the early start helped attendees miss the heat of midday. Walkers went about two miles total, south through Mizner Park, then east several blocks, up, back west and north back to the amphitheater.

West Boca Sunset

We just happened to catch a nice sunset the other day. Here is our attempt to capture what it looked like. Our limited photography skills and equipment mean we couldn’t do it justice, but …
And another shot:
Next up, two from a reader:

From Sunset Cove and Osprey Point
From Sunset Cove and Osprey Point

West Boca Sunset
West Boca Sunset