Narcotics Overdose Prevention at WB High

The NOPE Task Force of Palm Beach County (Narcotics Overdose Prevention & Education) will conduct a forum for parents the 31st (not this Monday but next Monday) at 7 pm in the West Boca High School auditorium.
The event is sponsored by the PTSAs of Loggers’ Run Middle School and West Boca High.
While West Boca News likes the idea of such a forum, we do not agree with the NOPE legislative agenda. Their efforts to increase federal control of prescription pain medication will do nothing to protect our kids. Current controls already cause serious difficulties for people with genuine medical problems.

Congressional candidate announces for 2014

Republican Jeremy Rodgers announced his run for Congress today in the 22nd congressional district. That seat is currently held by Democrat Lois Frankel.
West Boca is mainly covered by District 21, but as the district map shows some areas west of Jog and Powerline Road are in District 22. So far we haven’t heard of any challengers seeking the 21st seat currently occupied by Ted Deutch.
Jeremy Rodgers is a commissioned officer in the US Navy, currently serving in the Reserves as an Information Warfare Officer. He has Bachelors and Masters degrees in computer engineering from FAU. He is married with three kids.
Rodgers’ message is focused on “constitutional liberties” and stopping “out-of-control spending”.

Boca Raton City Candidate Debate

The Boca Raton city candidate debate was held this past Wednesday and provided an opportunity to present their platforms to the residents of Boca Raton. The debate was moderated by the Palm Beach County League of Women Voters and was viewed by over 100 attendees.
The debate was split into three segments.  The two mayoral candidates debated during the first segment and candidates for Council Seat B and Seat D debated in the subsequent two segments, respectively. Topics included the pension for city employees, retail and residential development, cost of living, jobs, sustainability, and traffic and parking and affordable housing.  All of the questions were presented by the moderator and there was no question and answer session with members of the public. However, the candidates stayed afterward and spoke to those in attendance at the conclusion of the debate.

Eric Gooden

West Boca News invited candidates in the 2014 Boca Raton City election to submit an article of up to 1000 words. Here is the submission from Eric Gooden, a candidate for Council Seat B. His campaign website is Eric Gooden 2014.
I am a 4 1/2 year resident of Boca Raton. I am originally from Detroit, Michigan. What brought me to the city of Boca Raton was the small town environment and the sense of communities that big cities lack. I am currently attending Lynn University and will be graduating in May with Bachelors in Criminal Justice.
This past summer, I had the honor to work for a congressman from my home state of Michigan. My primary task was writing constituent letters. Hearing stories about local issues became life defining moment for me and sparked my interest to get involved in public service.
I am running for Boca Raton City Council because Boca Raton is home for me and I want to be part of making it an even better place where young professionals, seniors, and all residents can realize opportunities, build community, raise families, grow their own businesses, and lead successful lives. All of which will enhance the bright future and opportunities offered by living in Boca Raton.
If elected as Boca Raton City Councilman I will be a voice for all the residents and the preservation and enhancement of the quality of life in Boca Raton, including its beautiful beaches, parks, and diverse neighborhoods. To achieve this goal, I would focus on ‘‘smart growth and development.’’ By that I mean development that recognizes and takes into account the realities of our existing infrastructure, including such basic things as traffic patterns, limited parking, future costs of utilities, sewage, waste disposal, aesthetic, transportation, etc. this vision of ‘‘smart growth and development’’ also requires a streamlining of the permitting process for every small business owner. This goal can be realized by strategies to enhance the economic security of Boca Raton. We must take full advantage of the valuable universities in Boca Raton: Lynn, Florida Atlantic, and Palm Beach State College. There are thousands of bright minds, including future successful engineers, doctors, lawyers, city planners, inventors, nurses, skilled IT workers, business professionals, and executives. Over the next two years, I will reach out to the students in these communities with a message that they can make a difference here, build here, work here, and raise a family here… because Boca Raton is a great place in which to live, raise a family, and work.
The incumbent has been voting 99% of the time for developers and not voicing the concerns for all the residents. This needs to stop. Please make the right decisions for future generations of families, seniors, college graduates.
Vote on Tuesday, March 11th, Eric Gooden for Boca Raton City Council, Seat B. Your vote counts!

City Candidates Debate Tonight

Boca Raton city candidates for Mayor and two Council seats will debate tonight at the “6500 Building”, 6500 N. Congress Ave.
The event is hosted by the League of Women Voters of Palm Beach County.
Unfortunately West Boca News will not be able to attend. If any of our readers can tip us off to other coverage of the debate, especially online videos, we will be happy to share them.