Spanish River Alum Graduates to Burglary, Battery and More

Esperanzo Wilcox (25)
Esperanzo Wilcox (25)

Esperanzo Wilcox (above, 25) was arrested early Sunday morning by Boca PD. He faces several counts including burglary, three counts of battery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and false imprisonment.
Mr. Wilcox, a 2008 graduate of Spanish River High, was scheduled for a court appearance yesterday morning but the online court file has not been updated yet to show what happened. He is represented by the public defender and the Sheriff’s record indicates that he remains in custody at this writing, with total bond set at $19,000. His reported address is in the Boca Royal apartments (aka Boca Bayou) in southeast Boca. He may have attended Palm Beach State at some point. We found two different Facebook profiles, including the one pictured below, an another under the name Es Babbii. And he also looks like an aspiring rapper with at least a few clips on SoundCloud.
We found several cases for Mr. Wilcox in Palm Beach County including a drug felony from 2009 and a felony grand theft charge from 2008. He also had a drug case in Broward in 2009, but that may have been the same incident as the one from Palm Beach County.
We found another man with the same name but 20 years older that might be his father and a former football and basketball player at Boca High. Back in the early 1990s that man was arrested in Broward a few times on charges including attempted murder, aggravated assault with a firearm, soliciting to commit armed robbery, and drug charges.

Senior Violence in Boca Pointe

Stanley Goodman (84) was arrested Saturday, accused of “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.” A resident of the Encantada subdivision of Boca Pointe, Mr. Goodman has a limited history in the Palm Beach courts.
Court records show a speeding ticket in 2012, and then an odd case. There’s a criminal appeal in the system from 1999 but we don’t see any record of the underlying criminal case. The docket seems odd, indicating some kind of resolution in 2000, but then more events in 2006 and the case being finally closed in 2009.
The court system shows the current charge as a domestic incident. Mr. Goodman was released Sunday afternoon.

"West Boca" Man Arrested Again: Assault With Deadly Weapon

Justin Rogulski (above, 23) was arrested Tuesday by Boca Raton city police on three serious charges including grand theft of a firearm, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (the gun) and smuggling contraband into a detention facility.
His reported address for this incident is in the BelAire apartments southeast of the corner of SW 3rd and 441. We see two other arrests this year for him by Boca PD, one of which also lists him as from the 33428 zip code (but with no specific address) and another putting him in apartments in Delray Beach.
The Sun-Sentinel reported on this arrest, saying that it involved a fight between Rogulski and his roommate at an apartment in Boca Bend off Dixie Highway. Despite those facts, the Sheriff listed Rogulski at a West Boca address.
Rogulski has a substantial history in the Palm Beach courts. This year he had another incident with Boca PD that was covered by our friends at Boca News Now. He was adjudicated guilty on all three counts from that incident, including what looks like a felony for driving with a suspended license, and was sentenced to three days in jail.
In 2013 he was arrested for burglarizing a car. That was resolved with a plea to loitering, no jail time and a few hundred dollars in fines.
In 2012 he had an indecent exposure case in Miami-Dade. In 2011 he was found guilty in Palm Beach County of indecent exposure. In late 2010 he had multiple drug felony counts and got six months in jail. In early 2010 he had two battery counts that led to a revocation of probation.
He’s also had a few traffic tickets including multiple cases of driving with a suspended license.
Rogulski remains in custody at this writing, pending $16,000 bond. His next court date is set for November 6th.

Senior Shooter: Aggravated Assault Near Town Center

Friday night got heated in the Estada townhomes near Town Center mall. Irving Feingold was arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon. Multiple sources have provided details on the incident.
It all started, according to 18-year-old Eric King, with an incident on nearby roads where Feingold allegedly cut King off. Feingold then followed to King’s home – both live in Estada – and a confrontation ensued. During that confrontation Feingold drew a low-caliber pistol from its holster. Sources differ on whether he pointed the gun at King or merely unholstered it, but that doesn’t seem like much of a difference.
From the alleged victim:

If you want a story look up 81 year old man points gun at teen. It was Friday night and I was the victim.
I just wanna make it clear to everyone that if he “felt threatened for his life” then why did he follow me to my house and wait for me to come back outside just so he could point a gun at me?
And that’s besides the fact that I live on the other side of the neighborhood from him and he [drove] past his house to go to mine to point a gun at me in front of my family.
Thanks for reading this. Please let me know if you can make a story. Thanks.

From what we can tell, King is a recent grad of Olympic Heights with a sense of humor and friends.
The story reminds us of a recent case where retired dentist Wayne Tover was acquitted by a jury after a “road rage” incident where he actually shot into a car with teens. Feingold’s defense that he was in fear of his life may be undercut if King is correct that Feingold followed him to his home.
Estada is southwest of Glades and St. Andrews.

More Arrests: A Questionable Assault

This is our second arrest story today. For the first please see Olympic Heights Teen Arrested for Fleeing.
We often start our arrest stories with something like: “All defendants are innocent until proven guilty.” Our first arrest in this story is one of the stronger defense cases we’ve seen in a while.
Peter Buggeln (top left, 55) was arrested Tuesday, accused of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon during a June 19th encounter with a man outside his restaurant, the Eagle Grille in Greenacres. We read the probable cause affidavit. The “victim” accused Buggeln of threatening him with a gun. When police confronted Buggeln, he admitted the encounter, saying that it appeared the man was trying to break into closed businesses and refused to leave the premises.
We’re betting Mr. Buggeln wins this one, or perhaps prosecutors will see the light and drop it. Among other things the alleged victim made inconsistent statements. Buggeln’s reported address is in Boca Lake off St. Andrews Blvd.
Top center is Pierre Cadet (40) of Meadow Lakes, accused of domestic battery. His ex-girlfriend accused him of hitting her in the face during a brief argument. He denied touching her. She refused to allow police to photograph the alleged injury, suggesting this will be a difficult case to prosecute. Oddly, Mr. Cadet is listed in some business directories as a department store and there is a business listing in his name on Google Maps at his house. We use Google Maps a lot and have never seen that before. He might own a store on 441.
Arian Perez (top right, 30) was initially accused of kneeing an emergency room nurse at West Boca Medical Center over the weekend. Then on Monday while in the county jail he allegedly hit a deputy in the face during the fingerprinting process. We don’t see any prior arrests for Mr. Perez. His reported address is in The Lakes at Boca Raton northwest of Yamato and Cain. We think he might be a Spanish River graduate.
Peter Ziello (left, 39) was arrested Sunday for “child abuse.” The paperwork is hard to read due to sections blacked out to protect the names of children. But it appears one of his kids sprayed another with a fire extinguisher. When the father found out, he sprayed that kid with the fire extinguisher to teach him a lesson. The only history we found for Mr. Ziello were a couple of minor traffic tickets. Let’s hope this one gets dropped. We’re not even sure it qualifies as bad parenting.
We rarely see civil contempt arrests. Steven Tow (middle, 57) was booked on Monday for it and released that evening. As best we can tell from the paperwork, he’s behind on child support and Judge French doesn’t think much of Mr. Tow’s excuses. His reported address is in Boca Woods, and the property appears to be headed for foreclosure.
The other day we reported on a career criminal attacking a Boca beach lifeguard. We now have more information on that case. From the paperwork, Arthur Gates unlawfully entered lifeguard tower #6 and then attacked the lifeguard, at one point putting him in a choke hold. When police arrived Gates attacked one of the officers. Another officer used his Taser several times on Gates and then they were able to get him in handcuffs. He then tried to kick the officers. Gates is designated a career criminal by the state with a lengthy history including a conviction for Attempted Murder in the 1st Degree.