Spanish River Alum Graduates to Burglary, Battery and More

Esperanzo Wilcox (25)
Esperanzo Wilcox (25)

Esperanzo Wilcox (above, 25) was arrested early Sunday morning by Boca PD. He faces several counts including burglary, three counts of battery, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and false imprisonment.
Mr. Wilcox, a 2008 graduate of Spanish River High, was scheduled for a court appearance yesterday morning but the online court file has not been updated yet to show what happened. He is represented by the public defender and the Sheriff’s record indicates that he remains in custody at this writing, with total bond set at $19,000. His reported address is in the Boca Royal apartments (aka Boca Bayou) in southeast Boca. He may have attended Palm Beach State at some point. We found two different Facebook profiles, including the one pictured below, an another under the name Es Babbii. And he also looks like an aspiring rapper with at least a few clips on SoundCloud.
We found several cases for Mr. Wilcox in Palm Beach County including a drug felony from 2009 and a felony grand theft charge from 2008. He also had a drug case in Broward in 2009, but that may have been the same incident as the one from Palm Beach County.
We found another man with the same name but 20 years older that might be his father and a former football and basketball player at Boca High. Back in the early 1990s that man was arrested in Broward a few times on charges including attempted murder, aggravated assault with a firearm, soliciting to commit armed robbery, and drug charges.

Sandalfoot Friday: Burglary Duo

A man and woman in Sandalfoot Cove were arrested Friday, accused of burglary and other charges. Lindsay Farer (left, 26) and Justin Turner (right, also 26) both have the same reported address on SW 66th Avenue just south of Sandalfoot Blvd. and near the Sandalfoot Square plaza.
Ms. Farer is charged with burglary and grand theft, as well as resisting an officer. She previously appeared in West Boca News for minor drug charges in December. Court records also show a felony drug case from 2013, misdemeanors in 2007 and 2008, and several traffic cases. Broward records show a 2006 drug felony as well as another set of burglary charges earlier this year.
An Olympic Heights graduate, Mr. Turner is charged with two counts of burglary, and one each of grand theft and resisting. He also appeared in West Boca News in December for an aggravated assault and aggravated battery case. That was resolved with a misdemeanor domestic battery.
Court records show various offenses for him including several traffic cases, a 2009 felony involving burglary and false imprisonment that was dropped by prosecutors, and a 2007 grand theft case that prosecutors also dropped. Broward records show several traffic tickets, a 2010 felony for carrying a concealed firearm, and burglary charges from Broward this summer that look similar to the one Ms. Farer had.
Both of them remain in custody as of this writing.

Carjacking in Boca – North Broward Prep Grad?

Saturday morning Edoardo Trovato (18) was booked into the county jail after an arrest by Boca Raton PD on various charges including a carjacking/robbery with a firearm or weapon, unarmed burglary of an unoccupied car, and stealing law enforcement equipment from an emergency vehicle.
Mr. Trovato remains in custody at this writing with bond set at a total of $18,000.
The carjacking charge is particularly serious. Normally it’s a first-degree felony which is already a big deal. But the court file shows it is charged under ยง812.133(2A), involving a deadly weapon, and that means the sentence can go as high as life in prison.

We see no prior criminal history for Mr. Trovato. If it’s the same guy he is a native of Italy, a Broward Prep grad, and a current or former student at Lynn University. He also appears to be a fan of the late Tupac Shakur:

His reported address is the Wyndham Hotel on Glades near Military Trail.
We expect to have more information on this case within the next couple of days.

3 Burglaries in Boca Woods

A reader alerted us to problems in Boca Woods. Per the West Boca Crime Map, there have been three burglaries reported on the 11200 and 11100 blocks of Boca Woods Lane in the last five days.

Boca Woods is north of Palmetto Park Road and west of 441. The main entrance is on 441 north of the Target store in West Boca Square, and across from the West Boca Medical Center entrance. There is also a residents-only entrance on Palmetto.


Our reader tells us these break-ins showed no signs of forced entry and did not set off alarms.

We encourage our readers to make sure your doors are locked and your alarm systems are activated. If you are worried about your safety when you are home though, then there are other safety measures you can look to for your home. Things like getting tempered glass is always a good option, as this can help deter people from forcing entry into your home.

This isn’t the only thing that you can do though, please make sure that you do not show off any valuables and that you make sure to lock your doors and windows at night. Be smart, and be safe!

Car Burglaries in Boca Isles

A reader reports:
Boca Isles North! Several cars were broken into last night between 12-3 in the morning. Multiple cameras captured white male in his early to mid 20s, tall and skinny, wearing an oversize tshirt, dark spiky hair and cropped beard.
If you saw something contact Officer Kevin Moss at 561-558-2700 Case# 14-137296