West Boca News Endorses Adrian Wyllie for Governor

After months of negative commercials and now the Fangate debacle, we are fed up with both Rick Scott and Charlie Crist. Rolling Stone Magazine shows both are even worse than the negatives ads suggest.
The best choice is Adrian Wyllie, the Libertarian Party candidate. We agree with Wyllie on most issues, and appreciate that he gives straight answers to questions. That is a huge difference from Scott and Crist.
The harsh truth about the major parties is that the insiders do not care one bit about policy. All they care about is raising money from donors and winning elections so they can give taxpayer money – our money – to their friends and allies.
Some will tell you not to “waste your vote” on a third-party candidate. Scott and Crist are the true wasted votes. There’s no real difference between the two of them.
And unlike many third-party candidates, Wyllie is making a serious dent. Polls have him getting as high as 10% of the vote, and the campaign points to polls with higher numbers. Of course winning is a long shot but voting for someone who tells the truth and stands for principles sends a message that matters more than choosing which liar will take office.

We should at least mention the other choices. Glenn Burkett is on the ballot but we can’t find any evidence he’s campaigning. We don’t even see a website or Facebook page.
Farid Khavari has a website and a Facebook page, but he has failed to gain any traction. His Facebook page has only 618 Likes though he does a little better on Twitter. We appreciate his support for ending marijuana prohibition and his interesting personal history, but his plan for a state-owned SuperBank is both unrealistic and disturbing. Despite that he’d still be a better choice than Scott or Crist.

Biden & Crist Jam Traffic In West Boca

We heard from many readers today complaining about horrendous traffic and an overwhelming police presence. This was apparently caused by Vice President Biden’s visit to Century Village on Lyons Road.
Readers reported that Yamato Road was blocked westbound from Jog. Other readers reported problems all the way from I-95 to Lyons. We also saw a traffic jam on Glades Road approaching the Turnpike, and heard reports of problems at Glades and Lyons, as well as on Lyons itself.
One of our readers sent us several photos of the police. There were plenty on motorcycles:
There were plenty of cars:
And they were on the roadway, here at Lyons and Kimberly in front of Century Village:
Readers told us that Biden and Governor candidate Charlie Crist were accompanied by other local Democrat officials including Congressman Ted Deutch, State Senator Joe Abruzzo and others. We wonder if the votes this helps them get in Century Village are offset by the thousands of drivers who were inconvenienced.
But the truth is this kind of over-the-top treatment of government officials is a bipartisan affair. For voters who are really bothered by it, we would suggest voting for third-party candidates.

Aaronson Gets Close to Charlie Crist

A few days ago West Boca’s longtime political godfather, Burt Aaronson, made a prominent appearance on the Florida political scene. Above you can see him pictured with Governor candidate Charlie Crist.
The picture appeared in an article by the Post on Politics about Crist naming his running mate. Annette Taddeo is a businesswoman and party insider who has never been elected to any office – though some may view the latter as a good thing.
Her LinkedIn profile has her name as Annette Taddeo-Goldstein, and lists her as: Member of the Executive Committee, Democratic National Committee.
Taddeo ran for Congress in 2008, losing 58-42 to Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, despite spending over $1.1 million dollars. While Ros-Lehtinen spent more, challengers who spend over $1M tend to do well regardless.
This photo is not the first time Aaronson has made a splash in Crist’s campaign.
Disclosure: West Boca News doesn’t like Charlie Crist. But we don’t like Rick Scott either.