Boca Falls Resident Hit for DUI

Normally we would not cover a simple DUI arrest but we noticed this one in Boca News Now and we found quite a bit more.
Frank Aceste (27) was arrested by Boca Raton city police for DUI, either late Friday night or early Saturday morning. He was released Saturday around noon.
The longtime Boca Falls resident has a substantial history in local courts. Between Palm Beach and Broward we count a total of over 30 cases. These include burglary and grand theft felonies from 2008, and a drug felony from 2013, along with numerous traffic tickets ranging from minor to fairly serious.

On a loosely related note, the car burglary incident we mentioned on Facebook previously appears to have led to an arrest. Due to our policy, we are not publishing the arrest details because we see no prior history for the accused and we see no other details that would make it newsworthy.

A reader reports:"There were a lot of car burglaries last night in the Lakes At Boca Raton development. Cops called me…

Posted by West Boca News on Saturday, April 11, 2015

5 Holiday Driving Tips from Fair DUI

West Boca News is run by a law firm. We’ve handled many DUI cases and this author also wrote the #1 DUI book on Amazon, Fair DUI. Here are some key tips to protect you on the roads:

  1. Don’t drink and drive. Yes it’s obvious, but so many people screw this one up. Not one drink. We’ve seen many people arrested, prosecuted and even convicted after as little as just one drink. Drinking whilst intoxicated is a serious offence, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Did you know that, depending on the severity of your case, you could be getting arrested where bail is up to $100,000? Do you know how severe this is? This could happen to you if you step into the driver’s seat after you’ve been drinking. It’s not worth it and not forgetting how dangerous it is. It could completely destroy a person’s life; maybe even yours.
  2. If you’re going to drink, have a plan. Your plan is not acceptable if it’s something like: “If I have too many drinks I’ll call a cab.” Don’t depend on a drunk person to make a good decision. Take a cab there and make sure you don’t have access to any car keys.
  3. If you screw up #1 and #2 and do get pulled over, don’t talk. Not a single word. Anything you say, and how you say it, will be used against you in court. So shut up. You may want to carry our Fair DUI flyer with you in the car. But if you’re drunk you’ll probably do it wrong. So please follow #1 and #2.
  4. Blow at the roadside, but not at the station. If you get pulled over and the police ask you to blow in a handheld device (a portable breath screen) it’s okay to blow in that. Court generally will not allow that result in evidence. So if you blow a low number the police might let you go. If you blow a high number it won’t hurt you. But don’t blow at the station. The Intoxilyzer device used in Florida is horribly unreliable. The judges in Orlando won’t let it be used in court. But in South Florida the judges don’t seem to mind. And even if you blow a low number at the station, you will be charged with DUI, have your mugshot posted on the internet, and you’ll be held for a minimum of 8 hours.
  5. Don’t fight or run. Again this should be obvious, but running from the police or fighting with them is a good way to take a bad situation and make it a lot worse. If the police tell you that you have been driving over the limit, this will result in an arrest. Although this is not something that anyone wants to happen to them, you made the choice to get behind the wheel. If you’re considering fighting this case, looking to get a dui defense you can afford could help you get your life back on track and give you legal advice that can help you move forward from this situation.

We hope these help you stay safe and sane in this mad MADD world. If you do get in trouble, feel free to call us at 888-RED-LAWYER (888-733-5299). For your sake we hope that doesn’t come up.

Rollover Accident at Yamato & 441: Photos

Update: We checked the court files and we do not see a case that fits this incident yet. PBSO’s Media Relations does not see it in their system yet either.

Several readers sent us photos from last night of a rollover accident at Yamato and 441. We don’t know what caused the car to rollover – and we may never know. There were no reported injuries coming from this accident.

The Sheriff reported a DUI incident at that location last night:

The accident happened right at the intersection in full view of The Lakes at Boca Raton and the CVS.

Other readers reported a heavy police presence including “under cover,” though we think that refers to detectives in plain clothes. There was also police activity from an incident in The Oaks to the north, which we will cover in our next story.
One of the readers also sent us a video of the scene:

Here are a few more reader photos of this accident:

Fair DUI Interview on 1470 AM

Attorney Jeff Van Treese has written a few articles for West Boca News. Jeff recently started a radio show called Talk Legal on 1470 AM and he invited me on the show to talk about my book on DUI.
The Fair DUI paperback is currently discounted by Amazon to under $5, and it’s only 99 cents for Fair DUI on Kindle.
The interview is below. It will probably start with a 15-30 second ad. Once you get into it, the intro material takes about 3 minutes and 30 seconds so if you just want the interview skip ahead.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream
You can learn more about the book and the Fair DUI flyer on the Fair DUI website. If any of our Florida readers wants a professionally printed copy of the flyer on good stock, just e-mail me ([email protected]) with your address and I’ll mail you a few.

The Fair DUI Flyer
The Fair DUI Flyer

During the interview we talk about my use of the flyer in a Miami DUI checkpoint. That video is below:

Boca High Grad Gets Second "DUI Causing Injury"

Boca High graduate Travis Streitz (above, 29) was arrested Thursday accused of a DUI involving “serious bodily injury to another.” Back in 2006 Streitz had another incident where he was charged with “DUI causing injury to person or property.” His probation did not go well and he was sentenced to 30 days in jail.
Mr. Streitz has been mostly clean since then, with a few minor traffic tickets, but he’s now being held on $3000 bond on the new charge. Court records this relates to an accident on August 2nd. We did report on a serious accident that day at Yamato and 441, but can’t be sure if they’re related.
Update: A source tells us the black car in the picture belongs to Mr. Streitz.
Mr. Streitz’ reported address is in the gated Paseo community south of Glades between Powerline and St. Andrews.