Fidelity Investments Website Problems Today

Trading stocks, forex, or other investments online is what some consider easy and streamlined form of investment. Whether you are using the best trading app in india or a website on your computer, you want an investment service that is convenient and easy to access. But things do go wrong from time to time, and that is what happened today. The Fidelity Investments website was slow and difficult this morning causing problems for a number of traders, including this author. We saw several complaints from others on Twitter.
I had trouble loading various screens including positions and “activity and orders”, as well as placing trades. Fortunately for me I was only placing a few small trade orders that were not critical, and after the delay I experienced the stock I was purchasing was actually at a lower price. Other users may have had more serious problems. This is why it’s important for every business website to have website monitoring systems in place, especially investment and stock trading websites, where real time information is of upmost importance.

Twitter users complaining including @tigga117, @MJolitz, and @dnleeson.
We attempted to reach Fidelity to express our concerns but were not able to get through, and we see nothing on their Twitter account. Hopefully this is a short term glitch that the company will resolve quickly.

I used two different browsers and this occurred while other websites were working fine for us.