Motorcycle Accident at Palmetto & Winikoff: Photos

Reader photo of accident scene
Reader photo of accident scene

We hate to break in on Charlotte the Wonder Puppy’s April Fool’s takeover of West Boca News, but there was a serious accident today.
Several readers reported a motorcycle accident in front of Logger’s Run Middle School. After our initial report on Facebook we received more information.
Also, we happened to be in the area before 7 pm and two vehicles were on the back of a flatbed ready to be taken away. Unfortunately this is not a great angle but it appears the motorcycle suffered heavy damage.
You can also see airbag deployment and a major gash in the rear quarter panel of an Infiniti coupe.
With that point of impact on the car, we suspect the accident was caused by the motorcyclist.
Multiple readers reported various details:

I saw it happen. Bike was 20-30 feet up in the air. The rider is lucky to be alive IMO. Thankfully he was wearing a helment and landed on the grass.

He was wearing a helmet thank goodness! I was the second person there. Wrist injuries and some bad road rash. He was very lucky.

As of right now, he has 2 broken wrists and is stable.

West Boca student he said. He was alert.

The incident appears to have occurred at or near the southeast corner of the intersection of Judge Winikoff and Palmetto Park Road, with the motorcyclist’s body traveling east from the point of impact.

Bands Perform at FAU: West Boca, Spanish River, Loggers Run & Omni

Eleven school bands performed today at the Ninth Annual FAU Concert Band Festival. Several local schools participated, and we caught four of their performances, below.
If anyone wants to share video of Boca Middle or Boca High, please e-mail us at
The first band we saw was West Boca High:
Here they are in video and audio, with band director Larry Shane conducting. Mr. Shane informs us this was the “Symphonic Band” and also sent us another video of the Wind Ensemble, which is at bottom.

Next up we saw Spanish River High with director Craig White.

Then came Loggers’ Run Middle School and director Craig Denny.

And the last one we saw was Omni Middle School with William Castillo directing.

From West Boca High’s Mr. Shane, here is the Wind Ensemble: