Pollo Tropical Coming to Lowe's Plaza

The Lowe’s Plaza on the northeast corner of Palmetto Park Road and US-441 is looking to add a new structure on the property.

The Applicant proposes to reconfigure the site plan to add a Requested use for a 3,505 sq. ft. Type I Restaurant (Pollo Tropical) with a drive through lane, and 73 seats.

The county zoning commission will review the proposal on February 5th, and then the county commission will hear it on February 26th. This is a fairly minor change, adding about 2% to the total square footage.
According to the appraiser’s records, most of the plaza is owned by Lowe’s, but Walgreen’s owns its own building. We haven’t seen anything that indicates where on the property the new building would be positioned, but we’re guessing it will be close to 441 and north of the Walgreen’s.
Wikipedia describes Pollo Tropical as follows

Pollo Tropical (literally Tropical Chicken in English) is a restaurant chain specializing in the cuisine of the Caribbean. … It is best known for marinated and grilled chicken and various sides including black beans and rice.

Deputies Chase Thief, Find Bees

Readers contacted us about an incident on Palmetto Park Road just east of 441. A reader at the Walmart saw roughly seven Sheriff cars on the north side of Palmetto near Lowe’s and Walgreen’s.
After that the cars moved first into the parking area of those stores, and later even more PBSO vehicles were seen by other readers at the West Boca Medical Center emergency room.
We contacted PBSO information officer Teri Barbera. She’s not in the office but told us what little she knows at this time:
Deputies were chasing a suspect in a case involving theft. The chase led into an area with bees and deputies were stung. They are being treated at the medical center. Ms. Barbera did not know if the thief was caught when we spoke.
A reader updated us on what she saw:

I personally was there at the scene during almost the entire time. I was on the North side of Walgreens near the wooded area. The young guy who ran from Police to get away and hide stayed down in the murky area with water until the Canine finally arrived.
I only heard one Officer’s request to him to come out before the dog arrived as he would be bitten. All the Officers were standing watching the area where he went in. Nothing was said to try and get him out peacefully before the dog arrived on scene. Must have been 25 minutes before dog arrived. Since I was on the back side, I heard the dog go in and get the guy. I was heading out just after I heard the dog on the South side, making my way around and back to the scene. When I approached, the white guy was laying on the ground with no shirt and handcuffed behind his back. I did see blood on his arm.
Then I heard and noticed all the yelling and jumping…OMG…they were all being stung by bees! I felt so sorry for them all. I looked in my car for anything to help with the swarm of bees, but I had nothing to assist with. They quickly put the guy in the Police car and drove off. Many Officers were clearly visibly shaken with all the bees and stings. I felt so bad for them all.

We at West Boca News send our best wishes to the deputies and hope for their quick recovery.

Power Drills Stolen from Lowe's?

A reader reports:

I saw a guy that stole power drills from Lowes on 441 and Palmetto. He said he would just return them before the cops get there. They have his tag and pictures of him and the car.

We asked for more details:

The manager didn’t say but he looked like a white man in a dark color grey or silver four-door car. He took off to quick for me to see but the manager said has a picture of him his car and tag.

If anyone has info, we’re sure Crime Stoppers would appreciate your help. You can get a Lowes Gift Card to assist with any purchases.