Disarmed and Dangerous

Xavier Borgos (19) was arrested yesterday morning accused of three felonies including two drug charges and one count of carrying a concealed firearm without a license. Mr. Borgos was booked early yesterday morning and released on bond this afternoon around 2 pm.
We advise our readers to be cautious and keep their eyes out for Mr. Borgos. On October 30th he made multiple violent threats, to us and to other journalists.
The Sheriff reports Mr. Borgos’ address in the Palmetto Pines neighborhood south of Palmetto Park Road and west of 441.
Our regular readers may also remember Mr. Borgos from a story we did in June about an accident in Palmetto Pines.
In response to that story Mr. Borgos wrote the following comment:

… Listen people make mistakes. No one was hurt but me and the car. I deserve it. But what I don’t understand is that 95% of all people who have grown up or are in the process of growing up have the audacity to treat me like I’m a criminal or a danger to this community when everyone has their own skeletons in their closet. All I have to say is that I’m sorry. … Ive been a really good asset to the people I’ve met and I’m always looking for the next person to help out. So just understand I made a mistake. …

At this point we do view Mr. Borgos as a danger to this community. Threatening to beat someone’s “ass” and to shoot people, and then illegally carrying a firearm – that does fit the profile of a dangerous person.
We have advised the Sheriff’s office and the State Attorney’s Office of Palm Beach, and asked a couple of questions that so far have not been answered. First, possessing a concealed weapon while committing another felony (the drug charges) is itself another felony pursuant to Section 790.07. We asked why he was not charged with that felony.
Second, Florida’s bail statute (903.046) specifically addresses this:

The purpose of a bail determination in criminal proceedings is to ensure the appearance of the criminal defendant at subsequent proceedings and to protect the community against unreasonable danger from the criminal defendant.

We suggested that the bail decision should be reviewed. Although Mr. Borgos was presumably disarmed during his arrest, there’s a risk that he could get another weapon or cause harm without one. We think it is unlikely that the Sheriff or the State Attorney will do anything about this so we encourage our readers to be vigilant.
If you think the State Attorney should do something about this, you can call their main office at 561-355-7100, or e-mail them at StateAttorney@sa15.org. You can also contact the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office at their main number: (561) 688-3000.