Frederick of Hollywood Arrested

Devaris Frederick of Hollywood FL. This photo is from the FDLE offender database.

A wild incident took place on Saturday at the Sandalfoot Publix here in West Boca Raton. Devaris Frederick of Hollywood Florida allegedly stole a woman’s purse while in the line waiting to pay the cashier. He ran out of the store and into a waiting U-Haul van. Comically as the van drove off, witnesses say Frederick fell out of the back door of the van.

Narrative from the PBSO probable cause affidavit. We redacted the victim’s name.

Witnesses then chased Frederick, tackled him, and held him down until deputies from the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office arrived. Deputies also found a crack pipe in Frederick’s possession, but no lingerie.

FDLE records indicate Frederick has a substantial criminal history including two lengthy stays in some of the finest all-inclusive resorts the State of Florida has to offer.

Broward County court records reveal Frederick had just been released from jail on a pending felony grand theft charge with an electronic monitoring agreement that means he should have had a GPS device on his ankle. It was not mentioned in the probable cause affidavit. He may be returning to a state prison in the near future.

Broward County mugshot of Devaris Frederick

We are hoping to get video from this incident, either from PBSO or possibly from locals who were reportedly recording on scene.

Motorcycle Accident at Palmetto & Winikoff: Photos

Reader photo of accident scene
Reader photo of accident scene

We hate to break in on Charlotte the Wonder Puppy’s April Fool’s takeover of West Boca News, but there was a serious accident today.
Several readers reported a motorcycle accident in front of Logger’s Run Middle School. After our initial report on Facebook we received more information.
Also, we happened to be in the area before 7 pm and two vehicles were on the back of a flatbed ready to be taken away. Unfortunately this is not a great angle but it appears the motorcycle suffered heavy damage.
You can also see airbag deployment and a major gash in the rear quarter panel of an Infiniti coupe.
With that point of impact on the car, we suspect the accident was caused by the motorcyclist.
Multiple readers reported various details:

I saw it happen. Bike was 20-30 feet up in the air. The rider is lucky to be alive IMO. Thankfully he was wearing a helment and landed on the grass.

He was wearing a helmet thank goodness! I was the second person there. Wrist injuries and some bad road rash. He was very lucky.

As of right now, he has 2 broken wrists and is stable.

West Boca student he said. He was alert.

The incident appears to have occurred at or near the southeast corner of the intersection of Judge Winikoff and Palmetto Park Road, with the motorcyclist’s body traveling east from the point of impact.

Shoplifting and More at the Westwinds Publix

A reader tipped us off to an incident last night at Publix in the Westwinds plaza (Glades and 441). He noticed a couple of deputy vehicles as well as a paddy wagon:
We looked into it and found that a shoplifting incident was reported by PBSO on
We also found an arrest in the blotter that seems to fit with this incident, though we can’t say for sure.
Mr. Paul Pelchat was arrested last night and the time of booking (shortly before 10 pm) is reasonably close to the time that an arrest from a 6 pm incident would get to booking on Gun Club Road in West Palm Beach. Mr. Pelchat faces several charges including petit theft from a merchant, marijuana and trespassing:
Looking at his history in the court system we see a string of 18 mostly minor offenses and misdemeanors dating back to 2009, averaging roughly 3 per year. That doesn’t count the arrests he’s had for failing to appear. We can only see back one year and we see two of those. We also see a couple of minor incidents in Broward.
The latest blotter entry lists his address as 9966 Glades Road, which is not any building we can identify. It may refer to a spot just east of 441 where we often see vagrants gathering. Other arrests for Mr. Pelchat list his address as “at large.”

Iguana Poachers at Sandalfoot?

If you think the Sandalfoot area hasn’t gotten enough negative publicity, here’s another one for you. A reader reports that some “thugs” were poaching Iguana’s near the Sandalfoot Publix.

I just wanted to report that I just saw iguana poachers by the Sandalfoot Plaza. The guy claimed to work for the city but considering the car they were driving they looked more like thugs. Not sure if this is legal or not but I thought it was cruel. I hop hope the police can do something about this.

This really doesn’t look like a city car, and the area in question is not inside any city.
If anyone has more information or comments, we’d love to hear from you.
And of course, we wonder about the age-old question – do they taste just like chicken?

Sandalfoot Publix Blood Drive

OneBlood will be holding a blood drive at the Sandalfoot Publix on Sunday, July 6th, from 2-7 pm. Based on past experience, it will probably be in a bloodmobile in the parking lot.
Donors will receive TWO FREE MOVIE TICKETS, a wellness checkup including blood pressure, temperature, iron count and cholesterol screening.

Donated blood can give patients in need more time with loved ones. Blood can be used to treat cancer patients, trauma victims, organ transplant recipients, premature babies, sickle cell disease patients and more. In fact, about every two seconds a patient in the US needs a blood transfusion. 38% of the U.S. population is eligible to donate, however only 5% do on a yearly basis.
I personally have donated blood through OneBlood several times, including at the blood drives like this one. The staff are friendly and professional. I’ve always felt they treat me well.