Facebook Ads and Missing Zip Codes

Update: See bottom of this article.
One effective technique for Facebook advertising is to target your ads by zip code. This helps to really narrow your audience to the groups you want to reach, and avoid wasting money on ads going to groups who are too far from your geographic market. If you’d like to learn more about using Facebook ads effecitively, the kevin david facebook ads ninja masterclass might be something you’d want to sign up for.
We’ve been using zip codes for ad targeting on Facebook for a while now. Recently we noticed an odd problem – certain zip codes are difficult or impossible to add to an ad campaign. We’ve had the same problem on the main interface and in Power Editor.
You can see in the image above that there are no matches found for zip code 33433, which is home to over 40,000 people in the wealthy community of Boca Raton, Florida. Our website aims to cover five zip codes in western Boca Raton:
Even if we add the word “Boca” in our search, it still doesn’t come up.
Nothing we’ve tried brings up this zip code now. We were able to add it in past ads and may be able to work around the problem using those past campaigns. But we suspect others are encountering similar problems with zip code targeting in Facebook ads.
We have had similar but less difficult problems with other zip codes. Zip code 33498 is another part of West Boca. It doesn’t show up if we only enter 33498 in the search box:
On the other hand, if we add “Boca” to our search, it does come up now. A week ago it would not come up at all.
Have you had problems targeting your Facebook ads to certain zip codes? Please let us know in the comments.
To learn more about the topic in general, see Search Engine Watch’s article about ad targeting on Facebook.
In the comments below a reader said that he was able to find the 33433 zip code, and it did indeed start working for us. However, now we can’t get the 33431 zip code.
Zip code 33431 is a high-income zip code with roughly 18,000 people and includes the main campus of Florida Atlantic University (FAU).