Boca Winds Homes for Sale

Boca Winds is a community of over 1000 single family homes in the southwest corner of West Boca.
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As of late December 2017 there were 10 homes for sale in Boca Winds with prices ranging from $320,000 for a small three bedroom up to $720,000 for a 6 bedroom model with over 3500 square feet. Boca Winds is at the west end of Palmetto Park Road and borders the county line to the south.

HOA fees are generally less than $150/month. Some homes pay less than $100/month but do not have access to all the amenities.
A total of 113 homes sold over a recent two year period. Most transactions were in a range from about $275,000 at the low end up to the low $500K range. There were a few foreclosure-related transactions with lower prices and a couple big sales over $600K. 72 Boca Winds homes sold in 2017 with an average price of $412,000.

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Boca Winds homes are zoned for great public schools including Waters Edge Elementary, Loggers’ Run Middle, and West Boca High. Both Waters Edge and Loggers’ Run are within walking or bicycle distance, and the high school is also pretty close.
The neighborhood has a lot in common with Boca Falls though the latter is gated and Boca Winds is not.
Subdivisions include Monterey Bay, Waterways, Carlyle Estates, Regency Place, Waters Edge Estates, Waters Edge Enclave, Ashley Park, Hampton Park, Heritage Square, and Baybury. Ashley Park is the largest and along with Regency Place tends to have the smallest homes (averaging 1800 square feet) and lowest prices ($270K – $420K). The largest and most expensive homes tend to be in Carlyle Estates and Waters Edge Estates (2500 – 4000 square feet, and $480K – $620K in 2017).

The neighborhood lies along the south side of Palmetto Park Road and north of the county line and the Hillsboro Canal. To the west is the future Fran Reich Preserve and the Everglades.