Quality Swimming on Yamato

A neighbor told us they had a good experience with Quality Swimming, so we have been taking our kids there. They have 3 locations in South Florida including Boca Raton. The West Boca lessons take place in the plaza on the corner of 441 and Yamato Rd.
We had previously done lessons with Swim Boca, which we liked but the location in East Boca was not great for us.
Our kids have both made real progress with Quality Swimming. The instructors are well trained and encouraging. Your child can also join their swim team and take part in swim meets.
The main reason we did these was to get our younger child over the hump and she has done well. In the course of a couple months it seems they’ve brought out what she had learned at Swim Boca and taken her much further. She was and remains resistant to putting her face in the water but is doing much better.
Meanwhile our older child was already a good swimmer, but we figured we’d do lessons with her anyway (both with Swim Boca before and now with Quality Swimming). She is also improving. At her level they teach not just swimming but swim racing. She is apparently quite good at the athletic side of it, which we had not noticed before.
I should also mention that the pool area is laid out to make it comfortable for the parents. The seating is set up to provide shade where we sit.

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Author: Warren Redlich

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