Davito's in Boca Greens

Last night we had dinner at Davito’s Italian Restaurant in the Boca Greens plaza. The name is a blend of the first names of the two founders, David and Vito.
We’ve been to Davito’s several times now and like it. Sometimes it can be a little crowded but last night was not bad. Perhaps the snowbird season is finally behind us.
Why do we like Davito’s so much? There are a number of positives:

  1. The food is very good. We don’t like all the dishes – some think the lasagna should be more layered with pasta for example (but I like it the way it is) – but we have all found things we like.
  2. It has a nice atmosphere even though it’s in a strip mall. The dining area is a rectangular room, nearly square, with a bar and a couple of quiet TVs at one end and an opening to the kitchen at the end of the bar.
  3. The staff are helpful and attentive. Maurice was our waiter last night and he listened well, looked out for the kids, and our drinks were refilled before we had to ask.
  4. They have a kids menu and our kids like it. It might seem like a small thing but West Boca is a family-oriented community. Crayons give the kids something to do and that makes the meal better for everyone. Plus it helps our wallets that we can order something reasonably priced for them.
  5. Location – They chose a good spot, halfway between Glades and Yamato on the west side of 441. The plaza has a lot going on but we’ve never had trouble finding parking. It probably helps that there’s a daycare on one side and a pool supply store on the other, both of which are closed when the dinner rush hits.

So, for dinner last night one dish we had was a solid Fettuccine Alfredo. Maybe not the best Alfredo sauce ever, but it had character.
The other dish was Veal Cleopatra, which comes with eggplant, tomatoes, spinach and mozzarella. It was outstanding. The veal was cooked just right, and it all came together well. It came with a choice of pasta or vegetable – I chose vegetables cooked with garlic and oil and the two dishes together were quite colorful.
Shortly after we sat down, we were given a bread basket with plain rolls, garlic rolls, and some bruschetta as well.
After we'd taken some of them
Our meals came with soup or salad. The minestrone not only tasted but felt warm, with a robust broth. The chick peas were an interesting touch you don’t always see.
We also had a tomato salad appetizer with red onion and so much basil it seemed like lettuce.

The kids had kid pasta dishes and seemed quite happy with them.

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Author: Warren Redlich

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