Dada: A One-of-A-Kind Dining Experience

Dada rests quietly off of the main street at 52 N. Swinton Ave, looking more like a nicely-lit home than a restaurant.
Coming closer, there are wooden tables adorning the lawn, including a wrap-around seat that encircles a tree in the yard. The porch of the home also includes seating. Dada has made its name as a home-turned-restaurant, when the original building was constructed in 1924 and renovated in 2000 to open its doors as a restaurant. The inside features different rooms with themes where guests can also sit and enjoy the character of their dining experience. There is also a lounge/bar area upon entering. The bar offers a variety of brewed beers, wines, and signature mojitos with fresh fruit.

Apart from the unique atmosphere, the food is spectacular. The ingredients are freshly prepared, and their meats and fish are all-natural, including beef that comes from grass-fed cows. If the fresh ingredients aren’t enough, the menu items themselves are. Every meal has a twist– a burger on a delicious pretzel bun, butternut squash ravioli, to the Dada Dates, an appetizer of bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese and chorizo.
For a Friday night, the average wait was about 45 minutes. This was enough time to walk around, garner an appetite, and get a call from the restaurant to say the table is ready. If planning to go in advance, definitely call to make a reservation. The staff were enthusiastic, approachable, and accommodating, immediately welcoming all who enter through the picket fence entrance. Being indecisive regarding whether to order the Butternut Squash ravioli or Caramel Spiced Chicken, the waitress offered to get me the best of both, with the ravioli and some strips of seasoned chicken. Both were absolutely delicious and very fresh, with the Butternut Squash being satisfyingly sweet and filling.
The dessert menu offers classic desserts, such as ice cream and Dulce de Leche, to delectable treats such as warm Banana Bread to Dada Smores.
Prices range from $5 appetizers to $30 seafood dishes. Most main courses, however, are situated between $10-$20.
Not only is the atmosphere great, the food is fresh and reasonably priced. Dada is definitely worth the dime.

Author: Warren Redlich

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