Bru's Room in Coconut Creek

Bru’s Room is a huge restaurant on the southeast corner of 441 and Hillsboro (enter from Hillsboro). It looks big from the outside.

But when you walk around the inside it seems even bigger. There are two areas inside, first with restaurant style seating:

And then a larger bar area:


And if that’s not enough, there’s an outdoor area in the back:

There are plenty of big screen TVs showing sports programming.
The place is named after the Dolphins’ great linebacker Bob Brudzinski., and it seems like he’s at least a part-owner. They’re growing and approaching 10 locations in South Florida.
We had a cup of chili, a steak Caesar salad and an Angus burger. The burger was good and came on a very nice roll.

Chili was okay but nothing special:

The steak Caesar salad was outstanding and an especially good lunch deal at $5.99.

Overall a solid meal. We will be back.

Author: Warren Redlich

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