Roaches at Chinese Restaurant

Inspectors temporarily closed a Chinese restaurant in West Boca this week after finding 27 violations including both live and dead roaches in the kitchen.

We also have good news this week as Monet Cafe near Palmetto and Powerline had a perfect inspection with no violations. Puccini’s Pizzeria on Yamato at 441 also did well. Full details below:

Lucky Palace in West Boca Square (near Target)

It was a rough week for Lucky Palace. Thursday’s initial inspection report shows 27 violations including 4 marked high priority:

  • Employee handled soiled dishes or utensils and then handled clean dishes or utensils without washing hands. Employee washing dishes handled dirty dishes then handled clean dishes- no handwash. Employee cleaned slicer then handled clean utensils- no handwash. **Repeat Violation**
  • Raw animal food stored over ready-to-eat food. Raw chicken stored over pork dumplings in WIF. Raw shrimp stored over soy sauce in WIC. Employee removed and stored properly . **Corrected On-Site**
  • Roach activity present as evidenced by live roaches found. 3 live roaches under wait station sink. 2 live roaches behind flour and corn starch containers in storage area. 2 live roaches behind cooking equipment.
  • Vacuum breaker missing at mop sink faucet or on fitting/splitter added to mop sink faucet.

It wasn’t just live roaches. Inspectors also noted as a basic violation:

Dead roaches on premises. 3 dead roaches behind ice machine. 2 dead roaches under Kitchen HWS. 3 dead roaches behind flour and corn starch containers in storage area. 3 dead roaches in and around mop sink. 3 dead roaches under 3 compartment sink. 4 dead roaches under dishwashing machine. Advised manager to clean and sanitize all affected areas.

Inspectors came back twice the next day and still found live roaches. It wasn’t until Saturday that they were cleared to reopen.

That’s the worst of it, but we also saw big numbers for a few places near Palmetto and Powerline. On Beracasa Way, Zinger’s Deli and Chill and Grill Pita each had 19 violations, while Boston Market had 15. Sweet Tomatoes had 12 violations.

A bit south on Powerline at Camino Real, Asia 18 violations while Mozart Cafe had 16.

Others with more than 10 violations include:

  • Burger King in West Boca Square near Target (17 violations)
  • O’Connor’s Pub on SW 14th off Sandalfoot (15)
  • Padano in Loggers’ Run (13)
  • Brick Yard Microbrewery on Palmetto (12)
  • Le Bistro on Sandalfoot (12)

Going back to the good news, Nana Sushi Thai on 441 north of the Sawgrass had just one minor violation.

West Boca landmark Stallone’s had only two violations. Boston Market in Shadowood and Tap 42 in Boca Center (Military Trail) had two each. Also Casa L’Italien near Doris Market (Yamato) had two, though we hear they are closing – that is not confirmed.

Three other good outcomes were 3 violations each for Puccini’s Pizzeria (Yamato and 441), and both Seasons 52 and Houston’s north of Glades between Butts and Military Trail.

The high end La Ferme near Doris Market and Boca Pointe favorite Holloway’s Irish Pub had 4 violations each.

Other notables include

  • Hunan City near Doris Market (5 violations)
  • Bagelworks on Glades near Boca Rio (6)
  • Rocco’s Tacos in Boca Center (7 )
  • City Fish Market on Glades at the Turnpike (8)
  • Einstein Bagel on Powerline (9)
  • Chili’s in West Boca Square (9)

Readers can look up specific restaurants on the Florida DBPR website. As usual our spreadsheet for this report is below:


Author: Warren Redlich

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