The Love Crime Report: Happy Valentine’s Day

This week we have twenty six lovely incidents to report. We’ve got a guy with pink hair, a Nole who loves bikinis and beer, and a boyfriend who makes the case for why ladies should read these reports before dating anyone.

A lot of these are from East Boca but some from Century Village, Mission Bay, Boca Lago, Estates of Boca Lyons, Boca Entrada (aka Alister), Boca Fontana, Pradera, Cameo Woods, and Casa Nueva. And the Sandalfoot Publix gets a mention.

Dareese Manuel Gutierrez (19) of SE 8th St. in East Boca

Dareese Gutierrez of East Boca is accused of a “strong armed robbery” in the parking lot of the Valero off Camino Real in East Boca near the Fresh Market.

According to the victims, two Hispanic brothers age 18 and 14, three young black males attacked them and robbed them of cash, a cell phone and an expensive necklace.

Unfortunately for Mr. Gutierrez (and fortunately for the rest of us) one of his buddies left a fingerprint on an SUV at the scene. Boca Raton police were able to work with the victims and connect the dots. It’s hard to figure out how they were able to identify him.

This the third felony for Mr. Gutierrez, age 19, in the county. His previous cases were dropped or dismissed. We’ll see if this one sticks.

DUI cases for (top row, left to right): Smart, Honio, Miller, and (bottom) Bertolozzi, Kahn and Bonilla

Jackson Smart (57) of NE 3rd Street in East Boca was arrested for DUI by Boca PD after his SUV lurched to a stop in a driveway in Camino Gardens, prompting calls from residents. Police arrived on the scene around 11 am last Wednesday. The police report indicates they found an empty 1.75 liter bottle of vodka in the vehicle and that Smart admitted he started drinking vodka that morning.

If the officers are accurate, Smart was mostly unable to stand and fell asleep in the station while waiting for the breath test to be ready. He did not blow a sufficient volume of air so the result is considered unreliable but it indicated a 0.254 BAC, more than triple the legal limit.

Smart was previously arrested for DUI by Boca PD in November, where they also found an empty 1.75 liter bottle of vodka in the vehicle. In that incident they took him to the hospital and ER staff had difficulty waking him. Blood was drawn and the defense is arguing that it was drawn without consent.

Following the new arrest, Smart hired prominent Boca defense lawyer Guy Fronstin for the first case. No attorney has appeared yet on the new case.

Maxine Honio (47) of NW 2nd Ave. in East Boca was arrested on A1A in Jupiter and charged with DUI and also with both resisting and with refusing a breath test after a license suspension for a previous refusal.

Ms. Honio has quite a record with that previous DUI arrest in 2014, drug felony charges in 2012, 2010 and 2007, and a forgery/grand theft case back in 1993. The 2012 case shows a FDLE offender record but it looks like she served no actual state prison time.

Scott Miller (32), a resident of the Pradera community off Powerline in West Boca, was arrested in Delray Beach for DUI after he made an improper left turn to head the wrong way on a one-way street. He registered approximately 0.13 on the breath test at the police station. We don’t see any significant history for Mr. Miller but it’s hard to be sure with such a common name.

Rachel Bertolozzi (24) of NW 2nd Ave in East Boca rear-ended a Boca Raton police car. The bikini and beer loving FSU grad from Jupiter registered roughly 0.200 on the breath test.

Police also found a prescription drug on her and it’s unclear if she has a valid prescription for it, so she’s facing a felony charge on that.

We see no significant history for her in the local courts, and nothing in Tallahassee either.

Edward Kahn (74) of Boca Lago was arrested on Lyons Road near Whisper Walk. A witness called police after he saw Kahn’s Mustang hit a curb, flattening both tires. Kahn claimed to have had only one and a half drinks. Breath testing indicated a 0.17 BAC, roughly double the legal limit. We see no criminal history whatsoever for Mr. Kahn.

Melvin Bonilla (30) of Pheasant Walk was arrested for DUI by Boca PD after he ran two red lights on Military Trail near Yamato. The shirtless Bonilla cooperated with police and ultimately registed 0.17 and 0.18 on the breath test at the police station, more than double the legal limit. We see no other criminal history, except he’s a Philadelphia Eagles fan.

Segler, O’Gorman, Gaffney and Dorman were all charged with battery.

Charles Segler (65) is a resident of Azalea Street near the St. Paul Lutheran Church. He stands accused of felony domestic battery. Allegedly his wife told him she wants a divorce and he choked her, punched her in the mouth and the eye, and then took her phone and some cash. Boca PD eventually found him. Court records show two previous domestic battery cases against him, one a felony for strangulation. He appears to be a dentist with a practice in Deerfield Beach.

Ricardo O’Gorman (23) is unlikely to win an award for common sense. The current arrest started with his sister calling police for hitting her with a belt, accusing her of being promiscuous. This took place at their grandfather’s home on the Boca Teeca condos in northeast Boca. When police contacted him he declined to meet with them, telling the officer to “go eat a dick.” Police really like it when you speak that way to them.

When the officer looked him up he found an active felony warrant from Broward for battery on a police officer and resisting with violence, though we can’t find that case in the Broward court files.

O’Gorman has an open felony charge pending from fighting with guards at the jail, two previous felony cases, and has already served one state prison sentence. That’s a pretty good start for age 23.

Paul Gaffney (50) was arrested and charged for felony battery causing great bodily harm. According to Boca PD he and his girlfriend had been drinking and got in an argument that turned violent. The girlfriend suffered a broken nose and a ruptured ear drum.

Gaffney has a fair number of previous cases in the Palm Beach and Broward courts including a recent felony at the Sandalfoot Publix. A manager tried to stop him from begging in front of the store, resulting in Gaffney using the “N” word multiple times in a variety of forms directed at the manager and then at the deputy. He threatened to kill the deputy, resulting in that felony charge.

Kimberly Dorman (52) of North Federal Highway in East Boca was charged for domestic battery in what seems a particularly minor case where she grabbed her boyfriend’s shirt and tried to hit him. We see three previous felony cases for her in the local courts from 2011 to 2018.

Li, Caplan, and Jedidian

Demurga, Galpern and Alfaro

Zhihang Li, a 19-year-old FAU student, was arrested for simple domestic battery after an incident at an East Boca Publix. He is accused of shaking his girlfriend and picking her up, because she insisted on paying for her share of the groceries. We see no other criminal history.

David Caplan (84) of Cameo Woods in Boca Del Mar is also facing a domestic battery charge. According to the report, Caplan moves with a scooter and chased his 78-year-old “partner” around their home, hit her and bit her after she refused to leave. No history for Mr. Caplan.

Cody Jedidian (27), a resident of Congress Ave in East Boca, was arrested in a drug rehab for choking another resident. Jedidian was previously arrested in September for possession of heroin. Back in 2010 he faced criminal charges in Connecticut when his friend died of a heroin overdose, for which police felt Jedidian was party culpable.

Jordan Galpern (19) is a resident of Gables Town Place just south of Town Center. She and her boyfriend had an argument about her receiving a snapchat from an unknown person, and he accused her of kicking him. Court files suggest she may have been a victim of domestic violence when she was a young child.

From the Las Flores subdivision of Mission Bay, Edward Alfaro (46) was arrested for domestic battery after slapping his ex-wife “on her butt … incredibly hard.” He also called her a whore repeatedly, and grabbed her hand when she was calling 911. We see no significant history for him either.

Nanji, Schroeder and Camacho

Mina Nanji (56) of Martella Avenue was charged with a substantial insurance fraud. After Hurricane Irma her daughter filed a claim for damage and it was denied as below the deductible. Mother Mina then submitted a supplemental claim that included air conditioner replacement. An investigation determined that the air conditioning work was actually done before the hurricane, and the documents submitted for the claim had been altered. We see no criminal history for Ms. Nanji.

Kelly Schroeder (48) resides in the Brighton section of Century Village. She stands accused of stealing “Roc lotion” from a CVS in East Boca. The police report hints that Schroeder may have been working in conjunction with a man who stole higher value items at the same time, but it could have been a coincidence.

Schroeder has over 20 cases listed in the Palm Beach courts, mostly traffic cases with a few misdemeanors. Broward shows a DUI and drug possession case for her in 2001, along with a pending drug and theft felony case from 2018. In that one she was caught stealing more valuable items and they found cocaine and another drug in her purse during the arrest.

Jacqueline Camacho, 56, is accused of felony criminal mischief. She allegedly caused over $1000 in damage to furniture in an apartment she was subletting in a rage over a dispute with the tenant who was subletting to her. We see no criminal history for her.

Rejman, Langone and Brun

Aaron Rejman of Boca Fontana was arrested on drug charges, with multiple counts of MDMA possession along with hash oil. The police encounter began with a traffic stop for going 55 mph in a 45 mph zone on St. Andrews near Town Center. That seems a little suspicious but it’ll fly in court. Rejman was also arrested in 2018 for possession of hash. His Facebook page has some odd photos.

Bianca Langone and Jordany Brun were arrested together as a result of the same search warrant for their trailer on Marina Way in Watergate Estates. Langone was arrested for possession of plastic straws that are used for cocaine. We’re not sure how viable that case will be in court. Langone has a pending felony grand theft case in Broward, but we see no other history for her.

Brun was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell and with possession of a firearm during commission of a felony (the marijuana possession). The marijuana was divided up into small bags and the deputies contend this indicates an intent to sell. The firearm was a .380 pistol. He had a misdemeanor pot charge in Broward last year, with no other criminal history that we can see.

Batista, Rivas-Desanchez, and Marquez-Zuniga

Joel Batista of East Boca was charged with driving while suspended. We see several other criminal traffic charges under the name Joel Batista.

Yngrelis Rivas-Desanchez of East Boca faces a simple domestic battery charge. We see no other criminal history for her.

Barbara Marquez-Zuniga was arrested for resisting without violence. Deputies were arresting someone on a warrant and felt Marquez-Zuniga was interfering with that arrest. It’s hard to tell from the paperwork but based on what’s written it looks like a weak case.

Author: Warren Redlich

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