Fraud and Larceny Week

There was a surge in fraud and larcenies. along with typical battery and DUI cases, plus an young man in Boca Reserve made the blotter.

The guy in the upper left used to be known as a Wall Street Wise Guy. Then he went to prison. Got out. Came (back) to Boca. Now he may be headed back to prison. The guy in the upper right is an illegal alien arrested for credit card fraud. Find out all the details below.

Top Row: Ageloff, Alam, and Omar all arrested on fraud charges
Bottom Row: Carland and Segler arrested for larceny

Roy Ageloff became nearly famous for his role in a “Mafia pump and dump” scheme in 2000 that got him tagged as one of the Wall Street Wise Guys. His D-list fame grew to C-list when he went looking for love on the website Prison Inmates Online in 2011.

Believe it or not, I was once on top of the world. Unfortunately, I’ve temporarily been dethroned of my crown. Are you up for the journey back to the top with me?

After getting out of prison Ageloff, who is now age 59, found his way into the shady world of Delray Beach substance abuse treatment with his nephew Jarryd, while living in his daughter’s house in East Boca. Jarryd (29), a resident of Sabal Lakes in Delray, was also arrested.

Jarryd Ageloff

“Cooperating witnesses” told police that the Ageloffs paid a sober home $20,000 total for patients referred to their business, Pride Recovery Center. Payment was made for a number of referrals over 7 checks of $2000 or $4000. This referral arrangement is illegal under Florida law. The witnesses told police that Roy “ran the show.”

Nair Alam (27) was arrested by Boca PD for stealing over $1400 from his employer, the 7-11 on NW 2nd, not far from his address in East Boca. He was born in Pompano Beach but seems to have a family history from Bangladesh. Alam had a DUI arrest in 2016, and a misdemeanor drug case in 2017.

Taha Omar (21) was arrested for credit card fraud allegedly committed in 2017. The Egyptian was in the US illegally at the time. His blotter address in Boca Del Mar’s Arbor Club, though the arrest paperwork also indicates a Delray address on Military Trail.

The victim was a catering customer of a pita restaurant in East Boca. Omar was working at the restaurant and used the victim’s credit card to purchase airline tickets and a hotel room for himself and his girlfriend. Boca PD Detective Erika Arenas went through a detailed process to lock down the information necessary to make the arrest.

It’s interesting to note that Omar had a previous felony arrest for punching and choking that girlfriend in 2018. He got 12 months probation on that one. He also had a misdemeanor battery in 2017, and multiple criminal traffic cases. But his immigration status never came up before this incident. It is also unclear why the pita restaurant is not in trouble for hiring an illegal alien. Did Omar forge documents or did they hire him without verifying his work status?

Pro tip for criminals here is if you’re going to use someone else’s credit card for something, buying an airline ticket with your own name on it might not be the best way to get away with the crime.

Michael Carland (33) appears to be homeless in East Boca. He was arrested and charged with felony petit theft for stealing a bottle of gin from a liquor store. Having multiple previous convictions for petit theft makes this a felony. Carland has done three stints in state prison from 2010 through 2018 for burglary, grand theft, and arson.

Roselynn Segler (49) lives in the Old Floresta neighborhood near Boca Regional Hospital. Boca PD arrested her for stealing $80 of groceries from the Publix on NE 5th. Multiple prior petit theft convictions made this one a felony as well. We see two 2018 misdemeanor arrests in Palm Beach County. One for retail theft was not treated as a felony and was dropped by prosecutors. A domestic battery was also dropped. We found a larceny arrest in Joplin Missouri last year as well.

Blake & Martin arrested for DUI; Bernardine arrested for Hit & Run

Blaine Blake (36) of the Mizner Pointe was arrested by PBSO for DUI and an improper left turn after a crash involving two other vehicles at Boca Rio and Via Ancho. Witnesses said that Blake was traveling northbound in a U-Haul and hit a southbound SUV while attempting to turn onto Via Ancho, which leads to Mizner Pointe.

The arrest paperwork indicates it took 5 tries to get two proper breath samples from Blake. All 5 tries appeared to be over .20 and he may have been over .26, or more than triple the legal limit. We see no prior history for Blake.

Blanca Martin (42) of East Boca was arrested by Delray PD for DUI after a crash at N. Ocean and George Bush. Martin refused to perform field sobriety tests and a breath test as well.

Court records show a previous DUI for her in 2007 where she was adjudicated guilty.

45-year-old Dominic Bernardine of NW 6th Street in East Boca was arrested for a felony for driving while suspended as a 3rd or subsequent offense. Other charges include misdemeanor hit and run with property damage and resisting an officer. This came after a witnesses said he hit two cars on Atlantic near Congress in Delray and drove away.

One witness said the driver stopped the car in the entrance to Atlantic High and then fled the scene on foot. Another witness called 911 after he saw a shirtless Bernardine jumping into a trash can at Atlantic High and otherwise behaving strangely. Delray PD took him to Delray Medical Center where he was uncooperative and gave false names.


Top: Bitton and Engwiller; Bottom: Johnson, Mishal and Neff

Yehudith Bitton (18) of Broken Sound Parkway was arrested for simple domestic battery after an argument with her husband led to some physical contact where she pushed and/or grabbed him, leaving fingernail marks. We see no prior history for Britton.

David John Engwiller (24) was also arrested for hitting his girlfriend in another relationship drama incident. He has a lengthy history of drug arrests in Palm Beach and Broward including multiple felonies, though we see no state prison time.

Christopher Johnson (51) made sure the Watergate Estates trailer park in west Sandalfoot didn’t miss this report. We don’t know why but the case does not show up in court records so we don’t have details. We see no other history for him, but it’s tough to search on a name like that.

Boca High student Mohammad Mishal (18) was arrested for domestic battery after punching his mother in the face and pushing her. We see no prior history for Mishal, but the documents suggest there may be a history of drugs involved and that could have been before he turned 18 and not visible to us in court records.

Joshua Neff (32) was charged with domestic battery after an argument with his boyfriend in their East Boca apartment on NW 15th. There were indications of physical violence both ways but the police arrested Neff after seeing injuries on him but not the boyfriend. The officer the arrest was against the victim’s wishes.

Author: Warren Redlich

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